November 22nd, 2015


Visiting the 14 Million Dollar Mansion

Marilyn and I received an invitation from our friend (and festival board member) Richard H. to go and tour a 14 million dollar mansion today -- and we decided 'why not?' It was interesting! He sent the invite to certain people, and you could only get the address 24 hours prior to the event! Attendance was purely by invitation only. In our case, we just got the address this morning, as we RSVPed later than we were supposed to -- but Richard let us attend anyway.

The house was way out in West Linn, and we used GPS to get there. It was quite as pretty a day as yesterday (it was overcast), but that meant it was a bit warmer. Which was a good thing, as part of the tour was outside.

I'd say it was a group of around twenty people, only. The house was gated, and we had to be buzzed in. We parked near the five-car garage (and were told there were additional garages on the other side of the house). We went in near the kitchen, were given champagne and then went directly outside. There was a large (and impressive) pool, with hot tub. And there was a private tennis court, too. The views were AMAZING! We weren't sure how far the property went, but it looked like there were extensive grounds surrounding the mansion.

There was a rotunda with a HUGE lighting fixture in the center near the front door, where the floors were white marble. It's hard to describe the various living areas, as there were so many of them! I think I counted three fireplaces just in the extended living room areas alone. And there was one smaller (but NOT small) dining room just off the kitchen, with a far larger dining room that held a table that could seat twenty! Very grand. There were various sitting areas all over the house.

The master bedroom was pretty impressive, with a huge bathroom that included a lot of separation of his and her areas -- a room on either side for toilet and bidet, plus large walk-in closets, with the huge bath tub and walk-in shower in the center section, that included two very separated sinks and tons of counters and storage.

But the house had tons and tons of bedrooms and bathrooms! I couldn't even keep track of how many. And we discovered an entire wing upstairs just for the servants that included a full kitchen, dining and sitting area and slews of bedrooms designed for two people and a bathroom for each room. Obviously with a house of this size, you'd have to have a lot of servants!

The kitchen was huge. Two sinks, three large fridges, a huge restaurant-size range, a built-in deep fryer and large pantries on either end of the room! The island in the center of the room was huge.

Yeah, I know I'm using the word 'huge' a lot, but everything was really big!!!

The previous owners had departed and just left belongings everywhere! Clothes in the closets, furniture, BEAUTIFUL bedding (amazing bedspreads!!!), tons and tons of flat screen TVs -- three in the gym, which had a lot of windows on one side and mirrors all around the room, full of gym equipment and weights. We saw two deer grazing outside the gym!

I could go on and on, but there's really way too much to even list. I'll see if I can load up some of the photos we took. But they don't begin to do the place justice!

We saw some people we knew and got to meet Richard's mother and father. And there were some upscale hors d'oeuvres (and more champagne). Very classy event.

And when I say we toured the house, we just walked around anywhere we wanted to go. Marilyn and I were frequently alone in some room, while others were in different spaces.

Well, we're off for a late night trip to Walmart (we really need to go!). So I'll end now. We're planning on leaving for the beach either tomorrow afternoon/evening, or Tuesday morning, I guess. I need to do some laundry before we go -- and take care of the garbage and recycling (this is REAL garbage week). I'll need to ask June and Jim if they can put out our cans again (they did it last time this happened).

Good night!