November 19th, 2015

computer power

Personnel Change -- Website Meeting with Fish

We had a personnel change today. Because of certain changes at the festival office and new needs going forward, an existing position is being replaced by a different role. This means that Shelley was let go and her job is being changed. Going forward we'll have an Business Manager who takes over the work she did, plus additional tasks.

I'm always there to process people when they start, and when they leave us. Kathy (a former president of the festival) is a finance consultant, and she was also present -- to specifically deal with finance-related needs (which meant I didn't need to try and do that, thankfully). Christine assisted me, as she has in the past.

Shelley took it very well, and I hope to keep in touch with her. She's a very sweet person who has been a big help to me.

I ended up having IT to deal with in the middle of this. We had a printer that stopped working. Christine called in our repair people, and the man who came out said the machine had somehow changed IPs!!! I knew it wasn't Server-side, but he wasn't sure how it happened. He assigned it a new IP, which means Donn and I will need to re-write part of our Profile setup instructions...

My own computer was acting up. I'm not sure why! But it gave me around 45 minutes of grief. (sigh)

Marilyn had lunch with Marcia. It was supposed to be with both Marcia and Gail, but poor Gail has shingles, and is in terrible pain. So she couldn't be there. Rich and I went to lunch together, which was nice...

Jillian was a big help to me today. I really love her! And we were chatting about her little boy, John. She's convinced John will end up a priest -- and I have to say I agree with that. There's just something about him...

In the afternoon I had a bunch of website-related stuff to do.

Then Carol and I our website meeting with Fish -- Nate and David came over. It went VERY WELL, and was quick, too. I think it will end up being a reasonable expense, and something they can 'fix' pretty easily and soon. So I was very happy after that meeting.

I did speak to sister Sue twice during the day. Things aren't going well at home -- so prayers (good thoughts) are still appreciated. I'm praying as I type this.

Plus she went to see her doctor and got a bad report, which also upset her. Marilyn tried to be upbeat, reminded me that sometimes health levels go in cycles. She's down right now, but it hasn't been that long ago that she was doing really well. So hopefully things will turn around again. Talking to Marilyn made me feel better, so I'll share what she said with Sue when we next talk (and she'll probably read this before that). Marilyn is right, of course. My current flare-up is a perfect example. This time of year my psoriasis gets worse, for example. And that often leads to other issues (like my ankle). But in a month or so it will probably be just fine...

Sue said he was adjusting her meds, which didn't please Marilyn. But I imagine we'll talk that over. Maybe we can discuss it next Tuesday if she ends up coming down to the beach house!

After the website meeting, I worked on a News item for our upcoming Toy Drive. We needed a landing page that Marissa could point to when doing Social Media. I didn't get it finished (I want to add photos), but I did get the basics done today, thankfully!

Marilyn and I are both feeling swamped with work, so we're planning to work this coming Saturday. That's okay. We'll feel better about having the week off if we go in and get some things done. I hate feeling buried!

By 4:20 we were leaving the office for Marilyn's hair appointment. It had been TEN WEEKS (!!!) since she last had her hair done. We got there around 5:00 (traffic was a bear), and she was done just past 7:00. Her hair looks great!

It was another miserable day -- and cold!

We got McDonald's on the way home, then watched "Jeopardy" while eating dinner (which included more green beans for me). Matt didn't do well tonight -- but the Finals are both Thursday and Friday combined, so he's still got a chance to win.

Marilyn is dozing downstairs. And I'm tired, too. So I'll head to bed soon...

I plan to WORK FROM HOME tomorrow. I've got a bunch of things to get done, but I'll probably accomplish more of what I need to do if I'm NOT in the office. (I can generally focus quite well here at home.)

I didn't feel all that well today. I was nauseated in the morning and felt like I was running a fever much of the day. I was either too hot or too cold. Marilyn reminded me that she'd felt punk all week long, so it wasn't really a surprise to her! I hope I feel better tomorrow, because I really want to get some things done! Marilyn told me she was still feeling bad today (and had to take pills for her issue) -- and that she was chilled all day long. Poor thing!

I need to reschedule the Comcast appointment tomorrow! I totally forgot about it today. And it takes such a long time that I wouldn't have been able to do it today, anyway. (sigh) I'm needed at work on BOTH December 8 and 9 (totally aside from the trip to Pittock Mansion)...

In all that's been going on, I've totally forgotten about getting in touch with Blake! I still need to do that...

And Margarita is calling tomorrow. So I hope to set up a meeting at the house so she can see what we'd like done and give me a bid on the cost.

And that is my Thursday. Hope all is well with all of you! Sleep tight!