November 17th, 2015

rain our house

Pouring Down Rain ALL DAY LONG!

Marilyn and I were late getting to work today due to traffic (an accident on the freeway). Some people coming from Vancouver were an hour and a half or longer getting in, like Carol and Jeff!

And it was pouring from the second we left the house! But the radio reports kept talking about 'rain' coming in the afternoon. I have no clue what it thought was falling from the sky earlier on! It was a nasty, nasty day. Plus it was terribly windy! Our whirly vane in the back yard doesn't spin the way it's supposed to, ever since the tree fell on it and bent it. But TODAY it was spinning like crazy, a sure sign of really heavy winds!

Marilyn not only had to drive to work in bad weather, but she had a meeting up at Multnomah Falls in the afternoon, where they suddenly lost power (!!!) and had to bring out huge lanterns for light! Then she had to drive back from there and go to the Portland Airport for another important meeting before finally coming home here past 7:00 p.m. I was sure glad when she made it home at long last.

I went in and attended Staff meeting. Donn was there to work with our WiFi. After Staff meeting Marilyn and I met with the Auditor (Ryan) in her office, so he could question me. Then we went directly into our Communications meeting. I left that a bit early so Donn and I could take off. He had agreed to bring me home.

Donn was kind enough to let me stop at Freddies on the way home to pick up a few 'emergency' groceries. (I gave him some cash for his gas, knowing he's been pretty broke lately.) He even helped me carry the stuff in when we reached the house! Nice.

I didn't get that much done this afternoon, but I did take out all the garbage in the house. And I cleaned Marilyn's toilet. (I still need to do my own...)

We've been talking about Margarita, the woman we know from The Burrito House. When we were there the last time, she asked if we could use a housekeeper, and Marilyn agreed to that. She phoned here and I've got her calling me back on Friday. We're thinking maybe we'll hire her to clean both our bathrooms once a month (or something like that). I'll find out more when I talk to her again...

We're not really looking for a housekeeper to do the entire house, or to come often (and I doubt we could afford that!). But we'd like to help her out. And it might be nice to have someone give our bathrooms a really good cleaning now and then...

We used to have someone clean house for Mom years ago, but we've never had anyone do our own home. So this is sort of interesting! We probably need to meet with her and figure out what she costs and what we CAN afford and so on. But we both agreed we'd feel totally comfortable having her in our house, which isn't something we would easily say about just anyone.

Marilyn and I are enjoying the "Jeopardy" Tournament of Champions. We'd love to see Matt Jackson win (we just love him). Anyway, it's always great to watch!

Marilyn has another busy day tomorrow. And I have my hair appointment, which Sue has kindly agreed to take me to. Last I heard she was waiting to hear back from Kathy about whether or not she could do Sue's hair (she needs her hair colored).

Oh! Jeff really did want to come down to the beach house next week! So it looks like he'll come down on Tuesday (assuming we go down on Monday, which is what we're planning). I'm not sure how long he's staying. He said he might stay through Thanksgiving, but I can't imagine him blowing off his family for Thursday! I guess we'll see.

I'm hopeful sister Sue might come on Tuesday, too and stay overnight. She already told me she needed to be home on Wednesday to prepare and cook for Thursday. And she leaves on Friday for her cribbage tournament...

I don't know what I'm forgetting, but I'm tired and am going to end for today.

Marilyn wasn't feeling well this evening, poor thing. She has a lot of intestinal issues and probably needs to talk to her doctor about them.

Thursday is going to be an intense day at work for several of us. Anyway, I'm prepared. And Carol and I will be meeting with Fish in the afternoon about the website. I hope that goes well.

I guess Katie was in today (I didn't see her, personally). Ashley will go on maternity leave after Friday (Marissa will take over for her during her maternity leave) and Jillian's last day is coming up (Katie is replacing her).

Communications talked a lot about our Run and about our Toy Drive (on December 9).

I'm really BUMMED OUT that I scheduled Comcast on December 8!!! That's the day that Marilyn is taking the Staff to Pittock Mansion, so unless I can reschedule, I won't get to go!!! They'll be decorated and ready for Christmas, so I'd love to attend -- I've never seen them at Christmas before. I'm so mad at myself that I didn't set Comcast up to come on my birthday (my other option), because we really have NO plans for that day! Damn it. I don't know whether or not to phone and try to change that appointment or not. It sounds simple, but it takes them FOREVER just to set up any appointment! I'm seriously NOT KIDDING about that.