November 11th, 2015


Busy Day at the House: Thanksgiving for the Portland House

I wanted to spend today decorating our house for Thanksgiving (which I already did with our Seaside house). We have a number of decorations that we kept here -- enough to put some of the holiday spirit into both the living room and family room. Amazing that we had enough things for TWO houses (especially as we decorate both up and down here), but it's true! Hahaha. Actually, now it's probably more subtle than in the past.

Marilyn always says that any given holiday has EXPLODED in our house. (grin) So now the explosion isn't quite as large...

But before I could decorate, I had to CLEAN. Makes sense, huh?

The living room wasn't awful, by a long shot. But I wanted to actually PUT SOME THINGS AWAY, as well as clean. We've been storing a TON of stuff under our long table that's behind the leather couch, and I got rid of probably a third of that, or more. It doesn't really show unless you're over in that part of the room, but it was bothering me (knowing it was there). One of the items was ugly -- Marilyn's 40th party banner, all rolled up and lying on the floor. It was under the buffet and didn't look nice at all. So I took time to HANG that up in the garage! Now when you pull into the garage you can see her banner! And I FINALLY took the 'Let's Celebrate' banner/sign and hung it so you could actually read it. It's been in the garage for years and years, but hanging sideways. Now I reasoned out a way to get it so you can read it, too! (Mom would be so delighted! The reason we have that sign is because she entered that theme in our 'theme contest' that we used to have -- and WON. We had the sign at her memorial service, too...)

So now the 'ugly' rolled banner is hanging and COOL in our garage! I was glad I spent all that time out in the garage on a ladder and moving stuff around to make it work. When I get a decent picture I'll share it...

It was one of my 'surprises' for Marilyn today. I think she was really pleased!

That required moving a TON of stuff around, as we hang things on the walls in the garage to maximize the small space. We keep plenty of room for the car, but we use the storage well out there, too.

Anyway, I didn't finish up the cleaning in the living room, but very close! It looks damn good, if I do say so myself. And it's decorated! Plus I pulled out the family photos we used to have out there and found spots for several of them. They used to be on top of the TV unit -- but when we got the new big screen, I had nowhere to put them... It's great to have them back again.

I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing in the KITCHEN, too. I'm delighted with how it looks. I still need to mop the floors, but I'll get to it. Meanwhile, the de-cluttering really went well!!!

I did a little bit of cleaning in the family room, too (which needs a bunch more, actually). But enough to put decorations out there. I completely cleared off one space (!!!). And removed everything from the mantel and cleaned before putting stuff out. On top of the one bookcase, too. It also looks nice.

Part of this process it PUTTING AWAY certain items while we have out holiday decos. Those things will come back again after Christmas, but for now are out of the way. We always used to do that. I'm not sure when we stopped, really...

It's late and we've got a big day at work tomorrow, so I need to head to bed. I could go into more detail -- and share photos -- but I'm very tired. I'm sore all over from cleaning and lifting and climbing and so on.

I really want to tackle my bathroom and bedroom -- and do a LOT more in the office! (I was messing around in there the other day.) It's the CLUTTER that makes me crazy these days. We just have too much stuff. Watching things like Tiny Nation inspire me, believe it or not! We could never stand to live in a really tiny space. We've talked about it, and we're spoiled after years of having a lot of space to stretch out. But we want to use that concept of storage and clean areas, if we can...

Good news: I found the PASSWORD for our Sonic Firewall hardware at the office! So that should help Donn tomorrow when working on the WiFi (fingers crossed).

I need to finish filling out my insurance papers. I didn't even touch those today!

I did talk to sister Sue. She's not feeling great, but sounded like she was better, anyway. I hope she gets in to see her sleep study doctor soon...

I also talked to my friend Adeena!!! She got a new car (I already mentioned that), and I can't wait to see it. She wanted to go have Starbucks today, but I was just swamped with the house. I miss her! Maybe we can see her this weekend...

Sad news at work about a long time director who is resigning from the board. More about that later.

I also FINALLY painted my little wooden stool -- I've had it for YEARS and wanted to do that. It's about time! It turned out really cute.

Katie is coming in to the office tomorrow! (woo hoo)

Good night!