November 10th, 2015

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Busy Day: Tuesday at the Office

Today was another busy day at the office.

Marilyn and I started out with a warning light about our tires! So we went to Les Schwab (on nearby Lombard) to get them checked out. It turned out we only had low pressure -- and NOT a flat. Les Schwab is just wonderful, by the way! They are all so pleasant there. And there was no charge for for their help.

We managed to get to work before the Staff meeting -- with time for Rich to walk with me to get Starbucks.

Staff meeting was just the beginning of a very busy day! Things were crazy all day long!

Marilyn and I went to the Turkey Place for lunch. She got a bento and I got a sandwich with cranberry and dressing on rye that was really delicious!!! But finding time to eat was hard. Marilyn didn't touch her lunch until after 5:00 -- and I only ate half a sand before then.

We finally had our Website Meeting today. Christine was out, so she couldn't attend. But it was Carol, Jeff, Marilyn, Rich and me. We discussed the problems with the current site. Then we talked about both the website for the Rose Cup Races and another website that I'm really not at liberty to talk about right now. Busy meeting!

I did get a chance to dash off an email to my friend Shari (I hadn't written to her in ages!). And I started in on the paperwork for my insurance. It's CHANGED AGAIN (sigh) -- which has happened so many times over the years. I need to finish it up and make copies so I can mail it in as soon as possible. But I didn't get it done today...

We discussed a personnel situation (I'll need to be there -- I don't recall the date right now).

Jillian showed us photos of the house she and her husband will be renting after they move. It's very nice! We'll miss her. Katie (her replacement) will be coming in this Thursday...

I can't think of what I'm missing here. I'm really tired tonight.

We came home and ate leftover rice and watched several episodes of "Jeopardy." We're finally caught up now!

I'm home tomorrow, but will go back in on Thursday. I plan to have Donn in that day to work on WiFi (I think). I need to check on the hardware passwords, but didn't get a chance today. Again, it was so damn busy!!! Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow. And Ashley's baby shower will be Thursday, too.

Marilyn told me on the way home that she'd checked out our finances to see if we could afford the new tree. It's looking good. She needs to order by tomorrow to get the sale price. We're both excited about the purchase!

Did I mention that our friend Adeena got a new (used) car??? We're happy for her!

Sad to report that sister Sue isn't feeling very well this week. Prayers are appreciated! Thanks.

Well, I need to get to bed. Good night!