November 8th, 2015

it management gotta

Catching Up: Saturday (Dinner with Arthur and William) and Sunday (IT at the Office)

Marilyn had to go in to work on Saturday (starting early) and was there for several hours. I was planning to go, but stayed home.

Saturday night Marilyn and Arthur needed to go meet with the Vietnamese group and make a presentation. So Marilyn and I drove to Arthur and William's house, where she dropped me off and picked up Arthur. They went to make the presentation, while I stayed visiting with William.

This was my first time ever at their house -- very fun! And I also got to visit with their girls, their two dogs Stella and Prudence. William made us Manhattans and we enjoyed chatting. Plus I liked my tour of their house.

Then we drove over to Amalfi's to meet Marilyn and Arthur -- and the four of us had dinner. Really nice! We all four love that place so much. Marilyn kindly picked up the tab. (Remember our trip to New York? Think 'room service.' Hahaha. That's the ballpark, anyway...)

Today I wasn't feeling that hot. I seem to have been fighting some little bug all week. Marilyn wasn't feeling great, either. And both cats seem under the weather, too. Anyway, we all four took it very easy today.

But Marilyn mentioned that she wasn't getting email, which I'd actually noticed myself! So I tried Remoting in to the festival office, but couldn't do it. So we had to get dressed and drive down to the office to check out the Server.

The minute I got logged in to the Server I could see that it was all about the internet connection. I tried to fix it, then phoned Kris. He had me recycle the Sonic Firewall hardware, which did the trick.

I asked him about restarting the Exchange, but he said he was going to restart both the Server and the Exchange himself, and not to worry about it...

Anyway, it thankfully didn't take all that long. So we came back and started watching a bunch of "Jeopardy" episodes to catch up (we were way, way behind!).

We saw an old favorite on TV today, the movie "The Court Jester," with Danny Kaye, from 1956. One of our favorites, Mildred Natwick, appeared as Griselda (a witch). But it had quite a cast, including Basil Rathbone, Glynis Johns and Angela Lansbury (to name a few). I'm fascinated to think that it was a bomb when it was released! We've loved it from the first time we saw it on TV (we were too young to see it on the big screen). Anyway, in 2000 it made #98 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Years of laughs. It always makes us both laugh out loud!!!

The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle -- the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true! If you don't know what this means, you're really missing out! Hahaha.

Being with Arthur and William, it was interesting to hear that Arthur is very much like us: He's not very social. He prefers to snuggle down at home -- which is exactly how we are! We can totally relate...

But we've been very social during 2015, which is quite a stretch for us. A good stretch! (grin)

Well, bed soon! Sweet dreams!