November 6th, 2015

sunset water

Beautiful Day: Wildlife Safari with Rich and Merlin -- "Spectre" with Angel

So, as planned, Marilyn and I left the house around 9:00 a.m. to drive to Winston, Oregon, and go to Wildlife Safari with our friends Rich and Merlin. I was saying they'd never been there before, but I guess they were there around 30 years ago. Needless to say, things have changed a ton since those days!

We had SUCH LOVELY WEATHER driving there and back! There had been some talk of rain, but we never saw a drop. It was really a sunny day. And things were beautiful with all the leaves changing colors on the trees.

The coolest thing? We got to go to the Australian area that's inside the 'village' -- and inside that was a aviary with tons of small, colorful birds inside. You go in with them and they just keep coming over and landing on you! We bought these sticks with a bit of seed on one end, so we could feed them. But they came over without the food, believe me! They adored my purse and just kept landing on it. And there's a spot where there's a hole to the inside, and they kept GOING IN my purse, like it was a bird house! Hahaha. Some of the time one bird would chase another out of my purse. I would have a bird on each arm and maybe another on my back and two or three (or more) on my purse. I'm NOT kidding!

They were landing all over all of us, but they didn't seem to like Merlin's white shirt much. Anyway, this was totally new for us -- we'd never been there before. The zoo has a place where you can go and see certain birds who will come and drink from little cups of nectar, but it's not near as cool as this was! We all agreed it was the highlight of the day.

Anyway, we took our car and they took their car -- and we met up in the parking lot. Then we drove in Rich's car (we both rode in the back seat) the four miles through to see the various animals. The rhinos were there, but lying down. By the way, there are two of them, and we always see them together! The hippos were in the water and didn't come out this time. But the second time we went past them, one made a loud sound and then reared up in the water and opened his mouth (I'm convinced it was the male). Again, there are two of them, and they are always together, too.

Interestingly, the turkeys weren't in their normal place. We kept seeing them all over the place, running around. We made a lot of jokes about Thanksgiving! Hahaha. And some animals just didn't seem to be in the usual places. That's okay, just interesting. And there seemed to be fewer deer, like maybe some of them were in other areas that we can't view.

The train was still out of order (darn!). It doesn't really go anywhere much, but we always like to ride it! And the brown bears were already hibernating (!!!), so we couldn't drive in there at all! Such a disappointment! That was one of our favorite things last time.

Anyway, we all had fun. Then they headed off to go by Merlin's old home and we drove toward home. We stopped on the way at A & W and had hot dogs and root beer floats -- delicious!!! We got caught in TERRIBLE traffic in Albany and were stuck there for half an hour, getting home much later than expected.

Then we had planned to rest before going out with Angel tonight. But he'd told us the wrong movie time, so we had to race to meet him in time! He was going to "Spectre" late tonight, and Marilyn had agreed to go with him (to use her special ticket, of course!). I tagged along for the fun of it.

We were both pretty EXHAUSTED during the movie -- and we did 'rest our eyes' a few times. Hahaha. At one point my eyes were just watering and I was sneezing and pretty miserable. I was sore all over from all those hours and hours in the car, then sitting in the theater. But it was okay -- I got my second wind before the end.

Now we're home and ready to relax (collapse?). We need to get up early for work tomorrow. I think Marilyn needs to be there at 8:00. Anyway, it was great that she could take today off, considering she needs to work tomorrow.

It looks like we're now going out with Arthur and William for dinner tomorrow night. Arthur and Marilyn need to go to this Vietnamese meeting and present them with a plaque -- so I guess William and I will hang out together and have a drink or something until they're done. Then we're all going out. Arthur's been trying to set this up for weeks now, so he came up with that idea and texted it to us while we were on our way to Wildlife Safari.

Look how social we two are! We've been so social all year long, really...

Well, that was our very busy Friday. It seems like Saturday, with Marilyn off work! I'm tired. But it was a great day!