November 4th, 2015

brr, cold

Cold Day! Autumn is Really Here at Last!

Yesterday was the FIRST day we turned on the heat for this season -- at least here at the Portland house! (smile) We had it on a LOT at the beach house -- plus the gas fireplace in the living room.

This morning it was 64' again -- that makes two days in a row. I'm still fighting a sore throat. And you'd swear that was true for both cats, too. They've been sneezing, which makes all three of us...

Anyway, the heat must stay OFF tomorrow until after the oil is delivered. So I think I'll be under a blanket somewhere. Brr.

Sister Sue kindly drove me to the store today to pick up a few things. Mostly kitty litter, which I was totally out of. (Tomorrow is garbage day.)

I did spend a little bit of time on and off outside. But I didn't do the bushes, because I just couldn't face being that cold!!!

Marilyn and I are having a late bite to eat. We both had lunch and just weren't hungry when she first got home. Green beans, anyone? She had a burrito and I'm heating up some quinoa -- and some green beans. (I got burritos and green beans at the store today.) And some coffee, too.

She had a very, very busy day -- including meetings all morning long! Whew.

There's little else to tell.

I screwed up the meeting with Blake, so we'll try again soon.

I think we're going to Wildlife Safari with Rich and Merlin on Friday. Fun!

Henry is hanging in there. He didn't throw up today, but clearly is still not feeling that well. I had to hold him several times today...


Goodnight, all!