November 2nd, 2015

happy halloween

Belated Happy Halloween -- Monday: Home from the Beach House

I just needed an EXCUSE to use one of my Halloween icons. Hahaha. So belated Happy Halloween (can you believe I didn't POST on Halloween???), everybody. This is my cute, animated icon...

We were happy we decided to STAY for another night (and morning) at the beach house. We just love it so much when we finally get down there! This morning it was all about packing and cleaning up and getting the garbage out. So it was far from relaxing. But it was lovely to sleep at the house for another night.

It was another STORMY night (!!!), with tons of rain and wind, yet again. But this morning we had blue skies and clearing, which was nice to drive home to. The boys were both good again. Colin was 'talking' quite a bit, but there was no howling at all.

We had wanted to leave before noon, so we were feeling bad we hadn't done that. So we got home around 3:00 p.m. But, but, BUT: We hadn't changed a bunch of clocks (including in the car!), so we did leave by 11:00 and actually were home by 2:00! Hahaha. That pleased us no end!

The cats enjoyed the trip to the beach as much as we did, I think. Colin must have known it was our day to come home, but for a change he was in a tent in the living room, and not hiding under Marilyn's bed! That's so much easier when it's time to crate him up.

We ate leftovers when we got home (hot dogs and green beans), as a late lunch. We picked up a pie on the way home (marionberry) at the pie place. We'd wanted to do that driving down, but they were closed. Too bad! It would have been nice to serve to guests!!! Anyway, we each had a small slice of pie with lunch, too. Yummy.

In the evening we had more hot dogs with some kale. And COFFEE! We've had several pots since getting home. We were avoiding coffee at the beach because we made a pot and it tasted SO BAD. The water there is never that great, but seemed far worse this trip. I didn't even want to brush my teeth with it! (I was using mouthwash, instead.) Funny, but it was okay for tea. But we do boil the heck out of the tea water, so that must be the difference. We plan to buy those big bottles of water for future pots of coffee at the beach (we call it 'cat water,' as we get those big bottles to give the kitties). Anyway, we'll give that a shot and see what happens. I don't think it's the pot, anyway. (We have the same version coffee pot both at home and the beach.)

We're heading to bed soon, as we both have a busy day facing us -- especially Marilyn!!! (And I have Donn coming in.) We're having a website meeting at 3:00...

The very good news today??? No flooding here at the Portland house!!! We were so pleased. The first thing I did when I got out of the car was to go and check the back yard. And Marilyn went straight down to check her bedroom. We were so very happy!

Seriously, there was terrible rain here. And we often flood during bad rains -- and this was over the top bad. I hope we keep having good fortune with this situation and avoiding flooding. I guess it's supposed to be a very wet winter. (sigh)

Good night all!