October 5th, 2015


Shopping -- Plus a Trip to the Beach (Beach House!) With Adeena

We started out our day hooking up with Adeena to go shopping for outfits for the Auction on Friday. We weren't very successful today, though... We have ideas, and hopefully can work it out soon.

On the good side:

After shopping, we decided to take a ride down to Seaside, Oregon and show Adeena our beach house. And spend a little bit of time in the sunshine enjoying the ocean. So we drove down.

On the way there, we stopped at Red Robin and had a lovely lunch together! Very nice. We hadn't been there in ages.

It was great fun to have Adeena finally see our house!!! And she seemed to really love it, which was nice! Then we went into Seaside and played an arcade game, got ice cream and walked on the beach. Then we headed for home again. We were back to our house by around 7:00 -- but Adeena had another 45 minutes to get home (which she did safely).

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Next Friday the three of us will join sister Sue and friend Mark at the annual Auction. It should be so much fun! We decided today to include Mark, whom we haven't seen recently. We had great fun with him at previous Auctions, so we're excited to have him join us at our table, which now has 10 people.

Next weekend, Adeena is taking Marilyn and me to see Madonna for the first time ever! We're all very excited!!! Today she bought us t-shirts to wear! 'Bitch 1,' 'Bitch 2,' and 'Bitch 3.' They're pink! Isn't that cool??? (For those that don't know, Madonna has a song "Bitch I'm Madonna" -- so these shirts are perfect.) We had been trying to decide for some time what we would wear. Now we know!!!

The WEATHER at the beach today was AMAZING!!! So hot! Marilyn had heard that it was supposed to be a great beach day, so that was one of the reasons she wanted to go so bad. It was wonderful. Often days at the Oregon coast are not sunny and warm like that.

I'm still having issues with PowerPoint. I don't know if it's the software, or the presentation. I'll reason it out tomorrow, anyway. If I can't get it to run properly on my computer, I'll use Marilyn's. I just don't know for sure what the issue it.

Anybody else use Firefox? I've had it ask me around a million times (okay, slight exaggeration!) to log in and set up Sync. Um, but Firefox? I don't want to do that! So I finally had to look up how to turn off the damn nag. I just don't understand it! (Speaking of bitches...)

Which brings me back to my devices NAGGING me to update the IOS! Look, I did that on one device and it screwed me up terribly! So why in hell would I do it again??? Really, Apple???

And what gives with all the nagging, anyway? Does anybody like that? Look, there's enough nagging in life without having your browser and Apple devices adding to it!!!

On that note, good night all!