September 30th, 2015

hate apple, apple hate

I Hate Apple (Pretty Much All of the Time)

So annoying!!!

I did the IOS upgrade to one of my two iPads (to 9.0.1) -- and now I have far more issues than with IOS 9. So I sure as hell don't want to upgrade the other one, which is now nagging -- even trying to preset a time (!!!) -- to upgrade. Oh, hell no!

Apple, I hate you.

Please do another upgrade to FIX the slews and slews of issues that are making my poor iPad so miserable. That is all, Apple...

Instagram's New DM? FAIL.

I wonder what the heck was behind Instagram's change to DM (the in-App method of sending messages to other Instagram users)???

Now if you have a 'group' or individual you want to communicate with, the messages between said group or person are all combined in one HUGE message. Try going back to find a given message or image you've shared, IF you have the patience to scroll forever, searching everything you've ever 'said' (written) in the past!

A bunch of my DMs just disappeared after this change, and there doesn't appear to be any way to find them.

How anybody could see this as an 'improvement' is beyond me.

Wednesday. Work in My Home Office...

I worked on several things today. In no particular order...

I continued my research for the IT issue I've been dealing with. I'm trying to figure out what slows down Outlook 2007 so much -- and there's a lot out there about WHY it happens! I've had it be corrupted more than one time -- and Microsoft's answer to that is 'Get the latest version (whatever it is) of Office Suite.' Nice answer if you (or the non-profit you work for) is made of money. But seeing as I'm not (nor is the festival), that's not a good answer for us. Thanks a lot Microsoft. How many billions is the company worth right now? (No. Do NOT tell me about how they donated a million dollars to whatever cause. That's like you or me giving $100 to some charity -- which, by the way, Marilyn and I do quite a lot. Talk to me when Microsoft does something to make life easier for me or the 100+ year old festival I work for...)

Anyway, another Microsoft rant over -- sorry! Between my rants about Microsoft and Apple, I'm sure I get quite boring. Well, at least from time to time I also rant about Adobe. Hahaha. I'd say I see Scrooge whenever I think of these three, but that's really NOT being fair to Scrooge (even before the ghostly visits!).

Sister Sue took me shopping with her (she'd gone in to get an oil change and was in the neighborhood), as I went to use milk last night and it was SOUR. We really don't use that much milk anymore, but when I want a little, I do want it to be fresh tasting.

I grabbed several things, then Sue bought us both Starbucks and we sat and talked for ages about a myriad of topics. It was really interesting! Suddenly I realized that at least two people there were avidly listening in to our discussion. And smiling widely. So I guess aside from enjoying our conversation on a personal level, we were the floor show for a few others. (grin)

We spent part of the time discussing the upcoming Auction, as we're both excited about it. This is the first time Sue's attended in years. Marilyn paid her way years back, then she bought her own ticket one year. And back when she was in the Clown Corps, they were greeters and she took part. We're looking forward to hearing Marilyn, who is the speaker this year. (She did that once before, years ago. She's an excellent public speaker -- plus she's passionate about the festival and can really move people with her point of view.)

I'm trying to remember everything I did today...

Oh! This morning I called the pharmacy about my 'missing' prescription. He told me it had been filled the first week in September! I couldn't find it anywhere, and I'm usually very careful with my meds. I have a spot in my medicine cabinet that's 'assigned' to each and every medication. So I was convinced I didn't have it. The pharmacist was trying to figure out a way to help me (they're all very nice to me there). Finally I gave up and emptied every single shelf of the cabinet on the counter (that took ages!). And it WAS there! Just not in the right spot.

Part of this actually is the pharmacist's fault. He has a habit of giving me pills in the original bottles they come in (not sure why), rather than the standard pill bottles. So I was looking for a white bottle like last time (I'd had it for three months). And instead it was in one of those amber-colored bottles...

I am very driven by the packaging of things! Especially the COLORS of the packaging. It is no small thing to me when they change the colors of the things I use, because I'm often searching only for those colors -- not the name of an item or the brand name! Crazy, I know, but true! (Advertisers beware! Hahaha.)

For some reason in the afternoon I decided to organize things to give to Tim from RHSAA. To be clear, I actually made an entire COPY of my personal folder of everything regarding the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association. That included the domain information, website info (including every single coded page -- and all the images), Constant Contact info (for doing eNewsletters), every single coded eNewsletter (and all the images related to the same) plus all the Blog info (at WordPress). There were numerous subfolders inside folders -- and slews of information. I didn't leave anything out.

And yet Tim still couldn't find what he needed. One has to wonder if he ever actually opened the stuff I gave him, because you couldn't have been more organized or detailed than I had been.

So today I decided to pull out the primary information and put it into four Word documents. I rewrote things to make it as clear and simple as possible.

Normally I would NEVER email docs that contain usernames and emails, plus the passwords (!!!), but I made an exception.

Then I contacted DotEasy (where the domain is hosted) and asked a few questions about transferring the domain. Yes, I have done this before, but it's been years.

I'll wait to hear from them, before forwarding stuff to Tim. Interesting thing??? He actually emailed me TODAY -- after I'd already gathered everything for him. Psychic moment? You bet. It's hard not to believe we've all got a bit of that at moments like this...

I'm anxious to see this settled. I tried to get Tim to address it AGES ago! Before they AGAIN charged Marilyn for the costs! Look, she's been very generous with them -- and paying this for several years. So they got the domain/website for free (she paid) and ME, their webmaster, for free, as well. I don't mean to be stern about it, but neither of us got much respect from the organization, and it's time for them to be fair with us about this. I do NOT want Marilyn stuck with this bill. They need to make sure she's reimbursed. I was totally ready to let the domain go, because I TOLD THEM it needed to be taken care of -- or we were going to do exactly that. Tim could have given me his credit card info ages ago, but did not. Sorry to sound rant-y about this, but come on! Marilyn isn't made of money, after all. She's extremely generous with people and organizations, but there's a limit. (And thank you goes a long way, for those wondering. It's often all I expect, but interestingly enough it isn't always given.)

Marilyn went out with Leslie after work tonight. This would have been Leslie's mother's birthday, and she was a bit blue. Talking to Marilyn about all the things her mother missed, like seeing her granddaughter be a festival princess, and the upcoming wedding of her other granddaughter. Poor Leslie...

Anyway, that's not my entire day, but close enough. The weather is lovely -- truly Indian Summer.

I started reading "Red Falcons of Tremoine" by Hendry Peart (who also wrote "The Loyal Grenvilles"). She is truly one of my favorite authors of all time. What lovely, lovely writing! And it's such a delight to be in touch with her nephew Rod! Wonderful.

Bed soon. Marilyn has been so tired lately...