August 30th, 2015

star, gold star

MTV Video Music Awards 2015

Tonight it was all about the VMAs (MTV Video Music Awards). Marilyn and I never miss it.

The opening number with Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift was a delightful highlight. I thought Miley Cyrus was good as the host (whatever you think of Miley, she's very talented).

Taylor certainly deserved her win of Best Video of the Year. Kanye (who received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award) was RIDICULOUS and impossible to understand. They had Taylor present the award (talk about RIDICULOUS!), and you could understand why Kanye was annoyed by that, at least.

I was happy Bruno Mars won -- again, what a talented guy.

So, is anybody going to vote for Kanye for President? Hahaha. Probably no worse a choice than Trump.

Britney looked amazing (what a body).

The cat fights were interesting, too. There's a lot of fighting between performers on Social Media, and they're all paying attention, believe me!

Rebel Wilson came out dressed as a policeman, which didn't seem to go over that well. She's already getting blasted for being 'insensitive' -- but it was HUMOR, people. Let it go.

And that covers the highlights for 2015.

You know, good or bad, I don't understand people who don't watch the show. Even if it's not your kind of music, it's the POPULAR music of this time -- and don't people want to be informed? Besides, I think there's a chance to understand the youth of our nation by watching. The show is always deliberately outrageous, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot for us to learn by tuning in. And, heck, it's only a few hours out of one day... Oh, ignore me. If it's not your cup of tea, it's not. Why watch just to catch up on society? Hahaha. Really, Charlie?