August 2nd, 2015


Movie 'Adventure' With Adeena and Mark!

Marilyn and I are just home from seeing "Jurassic World" with our friends Adeena and Mark.

The time is actually 1:30 a.m. (on Monday, August 3). But I wanted this to be my Sunday blog post. (smile)

We had a WONDERFUL time! We promised Mark on Grand Floral Parade day that we'd go see this film with him, and it's nearly two months later -- but we finally went! And this was Adeena's FIRST EVER Jurassic Park movie (if you can imagine that). Marilyn and I were just watching the original movie again yesterday. We've seen the first three dozens of times -- especially one and three (which we really love).

Mark texted to say we 'need more adventures' -- and I think he's right! We really do!

I'm on book three of the "Wayward Pines" series now -- and boy, have things gone to hell! Seriously, the entire series is worth reading, I think. (Though I admit I was annoyed with the direction things took in this book and have done a bunch of skimming -- never a good sign with me! When I'm truly engaged in a book I NEVER skim... But this was about a 'plot gone bad' that suddenly didn't hold my interest. I've stopped skimming again, so we'll see how it goes as I finish it up...

Other than that, it was cooler today and overcast -- a very gray day. With a little bit of rain. We actually drove out in the afternoon and got big hot dogs (brought them home for a yummy dinner), plus shopped at Safeway, where we bought some salad-type stuff and some fruit. No lettuce, as I just can digest it. But I've been craving it like mad! So instead I got cabbage and some other stuff (like celery). We already got baby tomatoes and have been eating those...

I can't think what else to share, so I'll call it good for today!