July 1st, 2015

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First Day of July

Today is the first day of July. Is it just me, or did June seem to fly by this year?

Our heat wave in the Pacific Northwest is continuing. I had to go outside to take Hector his check while he was here, and I was stunned by how hot it was outside! Yikes! I came in to get him and his crew bottles of water, but only had two in the fridge (!!!), so I had to take a can of pop for one of them. I also got them ice pops (flavored sticks of ice), figuring they could certainly use them!

Marilyn and I were up early to go to her appointment -- it only took a few minutes to get her blood test.

She had a facial appointment at 11:00, then went by the office on her way home. I went back to bed and had a short nap. (grin)

Anyway, I did find my red, white and blue tees I was looking for! I do have two of the one design, so I'll leave one of those at the beach house for sure. I also have another Fourth of July shirt I'm not sure I've worn (or maybe only once) that I'm excited to wear this year. I have a couple Old Navy shirts, too (I think from 2011 and 2012 -- they always date them). Before he died, I gave one of my Fourth tees to Wayne. I'm glad I did that, as he was really happy about it.

We miss Wayne this time of year. I sure wish he was alive to come stay at our beach house and enjoy the holiday! I know Sue is missing him terribly. Funny note: The sequel to "Ted" is out -- and we went with Sue and Wayne to see "Ted."

Marilyn and I plan to head back down to the beach house tomorrow. We're going to be relaxed about when we leave, as we have several things we need to do before taking off. So I don't think we'll be leaving early in the day. It doesn't matter, as long as there's no pressure involved.

We're enjoying our vacation! Mostly we're enjoying relaxing -- gets lots of rest and sleep.

Oh! I found the box of Fourth of July decorations I'd been hunting for, too (finally!!!). I'm taking that down to the beach, too. And we have a lot of small USA flags...

Well, we've got raspberries and cherry Jello to pick from tonight as a late snack (with fat free half and half for on top).

Today we ate leftover pasta -- but this time we had it with tomato sauce. Yummy.

My winter pansies are STILL ALIVE! They're about done, that's true. But I can't believe they have lasted this long! Especially with all these high temperatures.