May 20th, 2015


Must Do Tomorrow: IYSFF Review

I forgot to mention that TOMORROW I need to review TEN FILMS for the International Youth Silent Film Festival here at home. (Only those of us who took part in earlier judging will be participating.) So I'll need to work that in, for sure!

Also, I actually talked to our friend Rob on the way in to work. He and his partner Jeff want to take Marilyn and me to dinner really bad. Marilyn is actually discussing doing that next Tuesday night! He left me a message at work, but I never had time to listen to the entire message. Yes, I'm serious.

Now, to bed...


Got a Lot Done Today (at Home)

Backdated. Sorry. First I was working, then I was watching the last David Letterman show.

It was a busy, busy day. Emails to answer. Website stuff to do. Plenty of festival work, naturally.

But I also cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of dishes and really cleaned out the sink. I hunted down the nasty smell that was bothering Marilyn yesterday. Probably sour dishes in the sink (ugh). Or needing to treat the garbage disposal. Or the loaf of bread that had gone moldy. Just not sure... Anyway, it all smells better tonight.

She was also bugged by the smell in the family room. Probably the laundry room sink, which I also treated with vinegar (it gets sour a few times a year). Plus the smell in her bathroom can probably be traced to the ant traps I had in there...

Oh. I did do some more ant stuff. But need to do even more. We don't have a ton of ants right now, but we still have them. Very annoying!!!

I got the Starlight script just past 4:00 today. I started in on it, then ended up talking to neighbors Janet and Rose across the street for some time. Marilyn actually came home while I was out there from her very long day (that included evening Court judging).

Marilyn and I watched part of the new game show 500 Questions. But we had to go down to the office after that (around 9:00). I needed to take some things in and she needed to check on something.

We ended up watching THESE IYSFF films so we could judge them for the award the festival gives (best story this year). So we got home around 10:00.

We ate a bite or two (nothing much) for dinner. Then I went right back to editing the Starlight Parade script, which I got done just past midnight. Not bad! Marissa did a lovely job on the script and it was very clean, which made my job much easier.

Then I went down and watched the LAST David Letterman show. So many emotions...

I got to thinking about what it must have been like for Mom and Dad to see Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson depart late night TV. (Not that I don't remember when Johnny Carson moved on! Though I honestly do not remember Steve Allen or Jack Paar...)

I found it sad to see Jay Leno depart. And now David Letterman. I realize it's only natural, but it's still poignant. And a little sad. It was moving to listen to him, I have to say...

I guess I'll stay HOME again tomorrow. There's no reason I can't get my work done from here, really. That's why I took things down I needed to have be there TOMORROW for people. Anyway...

Good chat today with Dean from Atmosera (formerly EasyStreet). Ironic that his name is Dean, as last year I was dealing with a DIFFERENT Dean (a Vice President) who is no longer with them. Anyway, Dean is our new account rep, and seems like a nice guy. He's even talking about volunteering for the festival. I'm going to hook him up with wristbands for Friday and tickets, too...

Aside from the kitchen, I also picked up the living room, took out some garbage and recycling, and did some organizing in our home office. (I really cleaned up the corner by Marilyn's computer station a ton.) Considering all the work I do in the office, I really needed to get it in better shape for the next several weeks...

Sister Sue and I went for Starbucks at Freddies and had a nice chat. Plus I picked up a couple of things I needed.

I'm wondering if she'd be up for going to lunch tomorrow? I'd love to take wristbands to our friends at the Mexican restaurant. Of course, we rarely ever eat there anymore. So maybe not...

The souvenir program came early today!!! We weren't expecting them until Thursday (tomorrow). They turned out really nice. There's a feature for Marilyn which is very nice. And both Marilyn and I got photo credits in this one...

Well, I'm tired, so I should head to bed. I need to really get things done tomorrow!

Friday will be a very long, killer day!!! But it's also an exciting day, as Opening Day always is!

Marilyn did two interviews today, by the way. I'm excited to see the one that's supposed to play on Monday. Janet said she'd heard Marilyn on the radio and seen her billboard. The neighbors are all excited for her!

I should mention that my winter pansies are still doing GREAT! Even though it's very late for them, and the weather has been way too warm for them. I'm really babying them along, I'm telling you.

Good night!