April 28th, 2015

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Long Day -- More Training, Plus Jurying for IYSFF

I'm so tired tonight. It was a long, busy day.

We were late getting up, so we had to race to leave on time so Marilyn could be there for her morning meeting. And I had it in my head that my training with Marlo was this morning, when it was actually this afternoon.

I was going back and forth today with Kris about what we need in the IT Room. This rack and other equipment will apparently cost $1,853. (That includes his installation and setup.) Good grief.

I did more tweaks to my training materials today. I'm really pleased with the way these have turned out. But interestingly enough, I'm disappointed in how I ended up training people these last two days. It's so easy to say or do something that spoils the overall effect of what you're attempting to do. I made one foolish mistake that impacts everything else in a negative way. But fortunately I have the opportunity to learn from my mistake. So I know right now that's one mistake I'll NEVER make again.

However, I remain proud of the website work I did today, anyway. I did featured images for the various concerts and made sure they displayed correctly. Then I rearranged the Buy Tickets page (very complicated) AND the RoZone page, too.

I also found some photos of Jeff for Christine...

Marilyn, Carol, Josie, Rich and I did the jurying tonight for the IYSFF. Marilyn, Rich and I were in the same room, and didn't end up with a single good film. (It was disappointing.)

I'm forgetting things about today, but I don't really care. I'm so tired I'm just glad I ended up blogging at all...

Breakfast and lunch were both from McDonald's today. Good for steps!

Poor Jeff had a sore throat today -- I gave him meds.

It poured down rain tonight. We got soaked goining to the jurying.

Marilyn had leftovers for dinner, and I had a brown rice and veggies bowl.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did approximately 8,912 steps today. (I don't know the exact amount.) I did 10,600 steps. I'm so ANGRY, because I didn't gack the exact seven-day amount for the two of us! I think Marilyn was more than 83,000, and I was more than 80,000. (I need to start screencapping this, I guess.)