March 25th, 2015


TUESDAY (yesterday): Crazy, Busy Day -- Photos, Website and More

So, I'm actually writing about TUESDAY, March 24 right now. (As I didn't manage to do it yesterday.)

I stayed home (yes, again) to continue working on the PHOTOS for Marilyn's upcoming 40th Anniversary Party (on April 2).

Speaking of, I know she asked that several of our LiveJournal friends be invited -- even though we both knew there was little chance of any of you being able to attend. Still, she wanted you to know that she wanted you to be there -- at least in spirit. Our LJ friends are very important to us! (No clue if those invites happened, as we simply handed over a list and left it to others. The last we heard many invites weren't getting to people! But hopefully that won't be a huge problem come party day...)

I have no clue how many hours I put into the Photo Project, but it's great to finally have so many of them together in one place! I've got them on my own external (his name is My Passport, believe it or not!), and then I managed to get them transferred to a jump drive and Marilyn put them on her work computer. I think we need to cyber store them, too. Anyway, I'm excited about them! I figure they won't use very many for the party, but we can have them for our own memories and use...

My lovely sister Sue took me shopping yesterday, so I could mostly get kitty litter and a few other important items. And she bought us both Starbucks, which was a treat. So sweet of her! We're both still trying to figure out what to give Marilyn as her anniversary gift, and her birthday gift (both are important events!). We're really clueless...

I got a lot of steps in yesterday, while waiting for Sue to drive over and pick me up. It was dry outside (and I had my festival jacket, which is quite warm), so I walked up and down in front of the house a ton of times.

We had crazy things going on with the festival website, which I just keep plugging away to resolve. I was convinced that one of the problems was ACCESS, and it turned out to be true. My email from Christine after that was admitted read: "Psssst. You are awesome." She really made my day, I'm telling you!

Last night was the final straw. You know, the one that broke the camel's back? I went upstairs around 9:30 or so to move the 'Marilyn Photos' off to a jump to give Leslie, and in the process needed to warm boot my computer. Then the damn thing wouldn't boot up again! I tried over and over again, just ready to bust. I couldn't believe those photos needed to go today, and they were going to be stuck on my home computer! Plus, my computer was going to be down, so I couldn't WORK today! No way! I was texting poor Donn. I never give the man much peace.

Thankfully after messing with it for an hour and a half I got it back up again! Thank God. I don't know what I'd have done. (Plus I would never have been able to sleep after that!!!)

Gosh, before I forget: I got an automated phone call from Fred Meyer. It was about a food RECALL of Amy's meals! It turns out they have a potential issue with listeria monocytogenes, which can be quite nasty. Some of our FAVORITE foods have been recalled! Just when we're trying to eat healthy foods, our food source gets yanked! This was national news, by the way (you might have heard it, or have seen it online).

You know, it's pretty cool that Freddies bothers to phone consumers!

I know I'm forgetting tons of things that I did -- and things that happened. But I'm too tired to think straight. Plus I need to actually post what happened TODAY. So I'll call this good!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 6,402 steps. And I did 6,810 steps. Not bad, huh? (Her goal is 5,000 and mine is 4,000.) We're hanging in there, anyway! Of course, Marilyn had wanted to do 10,000, but some days that just doesn't work out.


Wednesday: More Website Woes and Highs

This entry is for WEDNESDAY, March 25 -- not to be confused with my last entry, which was for Tuesday. Hahaha.

This was an extremely busy day, with a focus on the festival website and other tasks. I barely had time to get steps in during the day, and had to finish on the treadmill tonight.

I did talk several times with sister Sue. And Rich and Christine at the office. (Among others.) In fact, I was on the phone quite a lot.

Today there was a News item to post on the website about our Official Charity, Boys & Girls Aid. Then I needed to work on the web page for this and add it to navigation (the main menu).

Meanwhile, I was testing information given to me by David about our 'missing' webpages. David had changed my access, but I was still struggling. I went back and forth with Christine and Rich much of the day as we worked on all these projects together.

At noon we had a festival item about the PDX Carpet on the news, announcing our open house at the office tomorrow -- so the public can drop in to take selfies with PeeDee! It should be fun.

I also checked on several people today to see if they'd be attending Marilyn's 40th Anniversary Party (it's a week from tomorrow). Our friend Shari won't be able to make it. And I couldn't tell for sure if our friends June and Jim are coming. Sister Sue will be there with granddaughter Nicole, but her daughter Candy is probably not attending. Nephew Larry and his wife Tammy and daughter Madyson are all excited to attend. I gave info to Hector, but don't know if he and Sandy are coming, or not. I checked with a bunch of neighbors today. I think some are excited to attend, but I'm not sure about all of them. I guess we'll see who shows up! And we haven't heard from cousin Linda, which seems strange. I need to try and contact her.

There's a large list of festival-related people attending that includes current staff and current board members -- plus a slew of former staff and former board, too. And Royal Rosarians, Rose Society and people from the media. Lots of non-board festival volunteers will be there. And I have no clue who all I'm forgetting! (Marilyn even invited some of our online friends from LiveJournal and Facebook. We both worry that not everyone received their invites, as that was out of our hands for the most part. Now I've run on about that for ages! I didn't mean to.

I've got ANTS in my bathroom. Not a ton, but this evening I'm freaked out by them. They've managed to slip inside my pill case (the one that breaks my pills down into morning and night containers for every day of the week. The damn 'new' case obviously doesn't have a tight seal! So annoying. I'm so careful about cleaning my hands and the area when I do my pills, and now I've had ants crawling on my pills! Just ugh.

I've washed my hair and need to go dry it. As I mentioned, we're having an open house at the Rose Building (our office) tomorrow, so we could end up with a lot of visits from the public! It should be interesting, anyway. I hope to be able to help work this event, anyway...

Plus I need to help Mariah in the morning with the eNewsletter. It was one of my projects today. Yet another sponsor changed their logo (this happens all the time). So I had to take the new logo, make it a transparent PNG (not easy), then I had to recolor it (white from a navy blue), also not easy. And finally upload the actual image, then recode to pull it inside the current eNewsletter (which goes out in the morning). I did upload it, but I need to explain better to Mariah how to download and save it...

And I'll need to make the coding changes for ALL of our various templates for the eNewsletter (I think there are five, total). There's always some task waiting on me to complete it, aside from the Webmaster and IT Manager stuff! Hahaha.

Poor Donn. I didn't ask him about working tomorrow until very late tonight (he was probably in bed). Well, if he can't make it, that's okay.

And I did try to help June with an issue on her iPad, but it was simply beyond me. Frankly, I know little to nothing about Gmail (which I don't use). So I'll have to leave that to Donn to fix...

Well, again, off to dry my hair! Good night, all!!! Sweet dreams!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 10,590 steps. I did 4,282 steps. Of course, Marilyn didn't stop there! She was still going when I wrote this down to share. So part of her steps will go over into Thursday... She's so dedicated! I'm really impressed!