January 31st, 2015


A Quiet Day...

Happy Birthday to my sister, Sue! (Marilyn and I never did reach her today to tell her via the phone, I'm afraid.)

I'm still not great, but I was able to help Marilyn scan her medical paperwork so she could take it to the office (while I stayed home), and FAX it in (and also mail it). Today was the deadline foe her certain coverage, so it was important.

Our printer in our home office has never worked worth a damn for actually printing things, but the scanner is wonderful! Marilyn has never used it, but I find it quite simple. Plus it's right by my desk top computer in our upstairs office.

I finally forced myself to have a shower and actually WASH my hair (!!!) today. I've been having baths, but haven't felt up to standing up and doing my hair. I did find it exhausting, but it's lovely to have clean hair! When you're really sick, you just don't give a damn...

She actually took me out -- for the first time, really, all week long -- to get dinner. We had Chinese food. Then she brought me home and I had a nap, I was so worn out.

I just woke up and realized I needed to blog, so I drug myself up (sigh), and here I am.

I set up SNL to tape, in case I can't stay awake. Plus the tennis finals start in a bit, and I'll want to see it. Hopefully I'll be able to!

Got good news from my friend June via iMessage! Jim (her husband) saw Ole Yeller, the outdoor cat we've all been feeding. June and Jim have been taking great care of that cat, and he'd disappeared recently.

I haven't been able to get over to see them, because of being sick, yet again (sigh). Hopefully I'll get over there next week.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn made her goal (I don't know the exact amount). I did 2,067 steps, which isn't my goal, but I'm actually fine with that. I look forward to getting my strength back soon.

So, that's Saturday. (I have one more day to rest before training on Monday...)

Oh! And THANKS to everyone who has been so kind about my being sick (again). Gosh, I love you guys!!!