January 30th, 2015

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Testing Adding Posts Via Email

I just wanted to see if I could blog via email, which SHOULD allow me to include photos. I guess we'll see if it works!

The idea would be that THIS WAY I could add photos to my entries. Cool, huh?

It's considerably more complicated than just doing an entry, though! You have to enter a ton of code, just so...

This is a photo of me with Dick Powers (Marilyn's and my friend who recently died).


under the weather

Still Sick -- Poor Marilyn and the Oral Surgeon

As for me, I'm still sick with this damn cold. Just SO GLAD that Donn could go in to the office for me today and set up those Profiles!

Poor Marilyn. She had her appointment with the oral surgeon today about her front tooth. He gave her extremely BAD news -- making it clear that he's very concerned about what ANY solution for that tooth will end up looking like. He needs to do bone grafts and God knows what else -- and Marilyn set this up for the week after GFP (!!!). She came home bleeding and in pain and generally just feeling sick. She was so miserable that she even took a soak in epsom salts in a hot tub -- and fell asleep. Poor, poor Marilyn! I feel awful for her.

Sue and I feel bad, because she's been so busy focusing on our health issues (and acting as medical manager for both of us), which didn't leave her time to focus on her own health. I'm really pleased she's decided to work on this in 2015. It's not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have the work schedule that she has. I'm very proud of her.

I hope things won't end up as bad as it sounds now. I'm going to pray very, very hard for her. Your good thoughts (and prayers) are so very welcome, dear friends. Thanks!

Donn called several times, so I did what I could to help (from here at home) with the work. I'll do whatever tweaking is necesaary on Monday. (I'm not going into all the details...)

I bought a new iPad App today and got really ripped off! It's called myOffice -- and the list of flaws is huge! I bought it after discovering that they've discontinued the QuickOffice App, which always had a lot of issues. I can't understand WHY they can't come up with a decent Microsoft Office Suite App! Everybody uses Word (for one example), so why doesn't somebody make a decent Word-related App?

Anyway, for unformatted text -- which is mostly what I need -- Donn is really right about Evernote. I spent ages today moving documents from QuickOffice into it.

Sister Sue is at a cribbage tournament this weekend. I'd forgotten she was going, but she had mentioned she'd be away for her birthday, which is tomorrow (she's turning 72). I hope she has a great weekend!

I hope I get over this bug this weekend, because I have a new person to train on Monday, and two new people to train on Tuesday! It's that time of year when we get so many new additions to the Staff.

Amy's for dinner.

More Australian Open tennis to watch...

Fitbit Update: This was a bad day for both of us. Marilyn fell fast asleep, so she didn't wake up in time to d the treadmill. There's really NO way for her to get in 5,000 without some time on the treadmill. (She just doesn't have enough free time to work in all those steps, otherwise.) She did park to give herself more walking to and from her appointment, but that's still not enough. And I wasn't up all that much today... We'll do better tomorrow.