January 26th, 2015

under the weather

Fighting A (Damn) Cold

Apparently the earache and sore throat (and coughing) are me fighting a cold. It's not horrible, but Marilyn has decided I can't go tomorrow to our Staff retreat. I've asked her a couple of times to reconsider, but she said no. Actually, it's okay with me.

Marilyn had a tough day. She went to the office this morning, then came home briefly to get ready to go for her test today at the urologist. She kept acting like it was no big deal, but it sounded pretty nasty to me. And she kept saying it was 'uncomfortable,' even though it was clear it was painful. They don't use ANYTHING to numb the pain for the procedure (!!!), nor did they give her anything for the pain afterwards. I really don't understand that. She was suffering for part of the day, anyway...

They put a scope inside. There was no sign of anything bad. Now they do physical therapy for six months, and then it's surgery. She couldn't have surgery now, anyway. It's going to be hard enough fitting in the therapy sessions...

Donn was supposed to do sister Sue's computer today, but apparently had an emergency at home, so he's now supposed to do it tomorrow.

More Australian Open tennis. Rafa Nadal went out, which sucks...

I guess I need to stay down tomorrow. (sigh)

The lost domain is resolved -- and NOT lost! I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out, anyway. As of today, the website is back up and running. That's the perfect resolution to all my work.

No writing today. I just didn',t feel up to it.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,376 steps. I did 2,140 steps (not bad for a day when I was off).

I was talking about about the cuts in my legs and Marilyn said it was trud what steroids did for your muscles! Funny, huh? Anyway, we think trying to walk more is effective. So far, so good.

The cold is frustrating after all the other health stuff, but I'm not letting it get me down...