January 24th, 2015

chin on hands

It Was A Day...

Marilyn is pretty worn out tonight. She put in a 12-hour day from the time she left the house until she returned. It was an intense day of special training. It's little wonder she's tired... To say nothing of her busy week of work and medical/dental appointments.

Here at home I spent more time on the missing domain. I think I need to work on my memory! Back 2011 I dealt with some of this personally. There's just so much of this to remember...

Anyway, Marilyn found an email that I wrote (yes, I did hunt for an email, but didn't find it) back then that contained additional information. So I got in touch (yes, again, for the third day in a row) with the registration company. I cinfirmed ownership. I changed the password (we're stuck with pennyk as the username), and our registration information.

Here's the fascinating thing I discovered: The problem isn't with the registration company. We did a ten-year deal with the in 2011. It's with our domain host, which is not them. Of course, I'm still annoyed, as I spoke to them the day before yesterday, but they gave me no clue there was any issue with our account! They aren't open on the weekend, so I'll need to wait until Monday to do more. At least I got something done today, thankfully.

Fitbit Update: I don't have Marilyn's exact number, but I know she made her goal (I think she did more than 6,000 steps). Somehow just walking around the house today, I did 3,694 steps.

I woke up with a bad sore throat, so I didn't know if I'd ever get my walking done today. So I'm glad I made over my goal.

I only wrote around 500+ words today, I'm afraid. But at least I did write again.

And I did some graphics -- I was way behind on that.

Marilyn and I had an Amy's pizza for dinner.

We hope to take a long ride tomorrow...