January 11th, 2015

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Quick Shopping Trip, Then Stayed Home

Marilyn and I only ran out for a very quick, short shopping trip today. I threw on clothes and ran a brush through my hair, but didn't put on any makeup or even my contacts (normally I never go out in my glasses). We needed a few things, so be only bought what we had to have, and let the rest of our list go for now.

So we stayed in the rest of the day, letting our other errands go. What the hell. We'll make do. We have some food and cat food. Plus paper towels. We should have gotten Kleenex, but oh well. Again, we only got what we couldn't do without.

Sister Sue had wanted to meet us for Starbucks. But we didn't even take the time to get Starbucks at the store.

We came home and made some cocoa and ate some popcorn while watching "The November Man," with Pierce Brosnan (by the way, Marilyn and I find him far more attractive as an older man, and much more sexy, too). It was a very good movie, with a satisfying ending.

Later we had Amy's frozen food for dinner. (Really easy to make when you're not feeling all that great.) Even the meals that aren't 'light' have very few calories (the NOT light meal was 330 calories!).

TMI warning!!!

I was dealing with bowel issues today. I've had issues on and off the entire time I was on the Prednisone and since then. I did some reading, trying to remember how long it takes to flush the steroids out of your system.

Here's the thing: I saw a lot of people bitching about the numerous side effects, and saying the medicine was 'poison' and should be banned. But I knew the potential side effects from taking it before. And I knew it would help my problem (which it did). I think we have to make choices and just live with it. Sometimes it's about the lesser of two evils.

It can take anywhere from several weeks to six months for the steroids to be flushed out of your system. I'll deal, believe me. Still, I really didn't feel too great today. Oh well. I was glad I hadn't been this way yesterday, when we were out for hours. At least today we could stay home!

Marilyn and I watched "Revenge," but we're really not engaged anymore. The Graysons were always the reason we watched the show. Frankly, it's pretty boring now...

I'm still reading "Wild," and loving it. I really wouldn't mind seeing the movie again!

Anyway, that's my Sunday.