January 7th, 2015


Little Christmas -- Marilyn's New Dentist

I totally forgot to make any mention of Little Christmas yesterday. Which is also known as Epiphany and Three Kings Day, depending on where you live, and what traditions you follow. By the way, the 12 Days of Christmas are Christmas Day through January 5, just before January 6 (Little Christmas). Pretty basic math, if you add it up... Our Grandma Elsie was born on January 6, and our mother died on that day. In our home it was always the official end of the Christmas season -- and the day we 'took down' Christmas each year. Anyway, it seems strange not to mention it... (smile)

I stayed home today, and did very little. My yeast infection is such a mess that I wanted to avoid getting dressed today. I needed to let my skin breathe, as much as possible. The PAIN is incredible. I've had a lot of yeast infections during my lives, but I don't remember pain like this in this past...

Marilyn went to her NEW dentist today. She has some serious issues going on, and several appointments in her future. The tooth that's next to her extraction may be cracked under the metal crown. She has some kind of gum failure in one spot. And her front tooth (which has given her problems since childhood -- and was badly broken in a tennis accident) is fused to the bone. There's a lot to be done, and she's had a long-running infection that probably explains years of dizzy spells and feeling under the weather, but not knowing why.

She was impressed with her new dentist. I'm happy for her. I'm glad she's getting this work done, and other health issues addressed.

Marilyn worked until past nine tonight (!!!), there's already so much to do!!! But she did take a lunch break and come home for a cheese sandwich. And we ate Amy's frozen food for dinner. (They were both very tasty, and well under 300 calories!)

I'm still reading out loud to her each night. We both enjoy it. And I'm reading "Wild."

I'm forgetting other details, but anxious to go to bed. More tomorrow...