January 6th, 2015


Another Crazy Day at Work

Today was another really busy day at the office. It's really impossible to describe what it's like. Things are happening every sinle secon -- and you're pulled in a dozen directions.

There's no time to drink enough water. There's no time to take a bathroom break. It's just busy, busy, busy. And this is January! It just gets more so as we move into the year.

The training went well. It was great to see Marissa again, and I was very impressed Jillian (Marilyn's seasonal assistant for this year). Last year Marissa worked for Carol. This year, she's working for Ashley.

Staff meeting was... staff meeting. I get annoyed that when I do attend, which is rarely, Jeff almost always puts off the IT report until the end (or near the end). Today was no different. It's not about me, as much as what I do. But some things never change. Oh well.

Communications meeting, on the other hand, was quite fruitful. There was just a ton to cover.

Marilyn was having some computer issues (she's now on Win7), but I don't feel it was really resolved today... (sigh) Hopefully soon.

She had a huge To Do list!

I need to get on some website projects ASAP. But it didn't happen today.

My back seems better! My yeast infection seems worse. (sigh) I didn't sleep that well again last night, but I got a bunch of reading done! I'm loving "Wild" (the book I'm currently reading on my Kindle).

I'm probably forgetting a ton of details, but this is better than not blogging at all, I suppose.