January 2nd, 2015


Dead Tired -- Meds or the Pain?

I just woke up (needed to get something to DRINK -- and to pee, surprise), and forced myself to get out of bed. And I do mean forced. If I had turned over, I would have gone straight back to sleep, which I probably don't need to describe...

I have been hydrating like MAD with these medications. Bottles and bottles and bottles of water, plus soda, too. A lot of ginger ale. Anyway, I drink so much that I need to pee every minute. I'm like a pregnant woman! Hahaha.

There's little to report today. Donn and I did go back and forth via iMessage this morning about business in the office. Not as easy as talking, but when Marilyn is sleeping, it doesn't bother her.

Then I went back to bed, as we'd been up all night long.

My sleeping is messed up. The muscle relaxant makes me very drowsy. You're not suppose to take it if you need to concentrate, as it causes confusion, dizziness and sleepiness. But the steroids, on the other hand, increase insomnia. So I'm dying to sleep on the one hand, I dealing with restlessness and restless leg syndrome on the other hand.

Marilyn had a car appointment (regular maintenance) this afternoon, so we both washed and did our hair.

Here's a midly annoying thing: He told us normally he would say it would take two hours. But he was sure we'd be done in under 90 minutes. It took more than two hours. So please tell us two hours, would you? I just don't get that at all.

Plus DO NOT have a sign that says you have wifi available when you clearly never do. And unlike many places we've been, they don't even have a watercooler or pot of coffee around. Thankfully we'd taken our own water. There was a vending machine with snacks, at least.

The furniture was pretty uncomfortable, but oh well.

The bottom line was we needed to get the car done, and it's a big check off our list of To Do things (like getting the tree out back done), so we were pleased with ourselves. But I've seen customer service done better -- and I've seen it done far worse.

We came home and fixed some NEW Amy's frozen dinners we had wanted to try. We won't get thost again, but you don't know if you don't try. We also had out olives, with some bread -- always a favorite.

I fell asleep sitting up. I remember waking and stumbling to bed. Then I was out like a light. I just got more to drink and am sitting up to type this. Please forgive any mistakes, as I'm pretty out of it.

I need to get up in a bit and do the cat boxes and put out the recycling and composting. It's garbage night. Thankfully I don't need to do the garbage...

I had planned to do some additional things, but my body had other ideas today! Well, there's always tomorrow, thank the Lord!

I need all the rest I can get, as I have stuff to do before training next Monday!

Jesus wept

Rest In Peace: Lee Ann

Marilyn just told me that she found out our friend Lee Ann passed away this afternoon.

I'm glad for her to be out of pain. I believe in heaven, so I'm happy for her to go on to someday welcome us again.

I know it's a terrible loss for her husband Ray -- and all of us -- but it's also a blessing for loved ones that she went quickly.

All of that said, I feel very sad right now. We'll MISS our dear friend. I hope we can see Ray sometime soon...