November 24th, 2014

under the weather

Another Sick Day -- But Improving, A Bit!

Today was another day spent lying in bed or reclining in my chair in the family room. Marilyn spent almost the entire day on the family room sofa. Neither of us have been up much. But my voice is starting to come back a little, finally. I'm so glad!

We're both coughing a ton. My chest hurts and my back hurts -- and Marilyn says she feels the same, due to all the coughing. Poor thing, her cough has been far worse than mine.

I still feel restless and am having trouble sleeping. But I did get some sleep today. I feel very puny. It was exactly one week ago today that Marilyn and I started to really feel ill. (I mentioned it in my blog for that day.) It seems like quite a few people are down with this same bug. I've been hearing several people say they were sick for two (!!!) weeks -- I certainly hope that's not true for us!

We're both really SICK of being sick, as you can imagine.

Ironic moment? I can't go to the doctor right now, even if I wanted to. My insurance coverage has to be renewed once each year. This year they changed how it's being done. Anyway, I got my notice them I am (happily) being renewed, but it's not effective until December 1. Well, there's nothing they can do, anyway. I don't have a secondary infection, thank God. (And hopefully won't end up with one.) i seem to be on the mend, and we both plan to take it easy during the rest of our holiday. We've certainly been being careful. Staying down, keeping warm (even leaving the furnace running all night long since we've been sick) and taking medicine regularly -- plus trying to get as much sleep as possible.

We're going to rent a movie. We haven't done that much, and we usually do that a lot when we're sick...

I certainly hope tomorrow sees us both really improved!