November 21st, 2014

charlie sick, sick in bed

SICK -- Lost My Voice

I am much worse today. It's hard to believe this is a cold, and not the flu. I'm really, really miserable today. Actually, I started to get worse last night...

Marilyn and I both can barely speak. So there's not much talking going on around here! She stayed home from work today, needless to say. I had trouble sleeping last night and this morning, but I did stay in bed until nearly noon.

They delivered our oil sometime this morning -- I must have been asleep at that point, as I didn't hear them at all. I found the receipt and a calendar on the front porch.

Then I got dressed so I could go next door to check on PooPurr. I was also going to work on June's iPad, but stupid me -- I forgot to get her passkey number! So I was locked out.

I played with PooPurr, who was in a good mood and very playful! She has a feather duster she loves, and was so cute with that. We also played with her furry animal toy, and her feather toy. And I took some snacks over and fed her some of those. Then she let me hold her for some time. She even let me pack her around. She's a very sweet kitty!

When I got home, I went out to stick the oil. Those sticks are NOT exact, so it's a bit annoying to use them. Dad would have been pissed off, because we don't appear to have 280 gallons, which we should. But it was pretty close -- and I totally trust our oil company, so...

I got worried about the rain, and needing to have a tarp up in back. We haven't bought a new one, yet, so I hunted in the garage and found an old one I could use for now. Naturally it's not the right size, but I made do as best I could. Marilyn had told me we were expecting rain and more rain -- and I couldn't stand the thought of any possible flooding. We did get a lot of rain today! Hopefully that old tarp will work okay for now, until we can get the correct size. I did measure the old one, so I know what we need.

It's so hard to function when you're sick. I could barely do these things. All I wanted to do was to lie around and do nothing. Which is pretty much what I did do for most of the day, aside from these few things...

I spoke briefly with my friend June, but it was hard because I could barely speak -- so frustrating! I guess things went okay getting JimJim. But it was difficult leaving him, as his house was in such a mess for his homecoming. (I wonder what his wife was thinking, poor guy!)

I swear Henry (our cat) has a bug, too. He seems to have the same issues Marilyn and I have.

We just ate some apple and cheese, with cups of hot tea. Nice.

The worst moment of the day? We had a brief power outage. Everything went down, but came right back up again. I still haven't gone to our office to check on the computers. (sigh) Annoying, considering I already need work on my computer.

Yeah, it was only a tiny moment, and it didn't amount to much. But it was upsetting. Everything seems more disturbing when you're not feeling well, I guess.

I really hope we're both going to be better soon. I'm really tired of being sick.