November 19th, 2014

charlie sick, sick in bed

Sick (Still)

Marilyn and I are still quite sick. I'm actually scared she might get pneumonia, as her cold has really settled in her chest. She's got a rattling cough tha's quite worrisome.

She had to go into the office this morning. But she came home again right before 11:00. (In time to watch "Dragnet," which pleased her -- but she went off to sleep before the first half hour episode was over, poor thing.) i don't know how she could have even driven to and from work.

She planted herself on her favorite sofa in the family room and has been there all day long, except to use the bathroom.

Here's my ODD moment: I went to get something out of the fridge upstairs (I don't recall WHAT), and suddenly decided to clean it out. It was a mess. Jars of old picles and olives and peppers, containers of cheese and packages of lunch meat. Plus the shelves needed to be washed down from spills and rings. I must have ended up with around ten empty jars or so. I put a lot of old food out for the crows and critters (tons of crows came this afternoon and started eating it up).

Marilyn got home as I was finishing up. It was nice to make more room and get rid of useless food. But it tired me out, considering I'm sick. (I'm still glad I did it. Sometimes you just have to go with it...) as is often true, I mentally encouraged myself to do the work by thinking about Marilyn at work at the festival.

I also spoke briefly with Rich about a News item we're working on. I knew we were getting ready to release it (the contract that was signed on Monday), but Rich wasn't ready to send it to me, yet. He was waiting on a quote. He was supposed to call me when it was ready, but he never did today. So I'm guessing we'll go with it tomorrow...

I did speak with sister Sue today. She's sick with a cold, and so are Candy and Nicole.

I made bacon and tomato sandwiches with tomato soup for dinner (easy to fix). Plus the hot coffee is nice when you're sick...

Marilyn has quite a fever. I just tucked her in, and she's really hot to the touch. She snoring heavily right now, but at least she's getting some sleep, poor dear. I really hope she doesn't get worse! (I'm praying she's doesn't get pneumonia.)

I'm ready for some rest. Donn is waiting to hear from me, but I'm just not up to contacting him right now.

No clue what's going on about the replacement of my cell phone. I didn't call Shelley today.

The weather is supposed to warm up. It would be lovely if that happened. It's been very cold.

Marilyn needs to go in again tomorrow, I'm sorry to report... Maybe she'll feel better in the morning. I'm doubtful, but who knows?