November 13th, 2014

frightful weather

Storm Warning - Snow, Wind and Freezing Rain!

I'm listening to the weather report on the news as I type this. No two people seem to agree on what's coming. Some suspect it will be quite bad, others not so much. Things will be fine by Friday, but I'm pretty concerned about tomorrow morning.

Why this can't begin in the middle of the night tonight, I just don't know. But it sounds like it will happen right during 'drive time' for people heading to work. We go by Portland Public Schools: If they open late, so do we. If they close, so do we. But they always wait until the last minute to decide...

Today I phoned Hector and told him NOT to come out. The City does leaves in our area tomorrow, so he was going to come today. But we didn't have much out there, because of the wind. I decided I could do it myself! Hahaha!

Well, it was more than I though -- plus it was bitter cold out there! There was nothing on the sidewalk. But there were leaves in the 'gutter' (in the street, against the curb), so I did those. I used a large bucket (that used to store planting soil) to move leaves to our rolling compost bin. I also did the drift of leaves that were against the porch, and near the bushes in the yard. Not as perfect as when Hector uses a blower, but not bad (if I do say so myself!).

This morning I found I was still dealing with some problem on my desktop computer. So I had Donn come out. I need a new D: drive, which should probably cost around $250. Thankfully he can do the work here at the house.

Sister Sue took me to Freddies in the afternoon. I needed a few essential items, like kitty litter, cat pan liners, toilet paper and paper towels. And I bought some bread, cheese and cat treats! They love their snacks (which we sometimes call kitty junk food) -- and these help keep Henry's weight up, which is important. Yeah, it means Colin gets too heavy, but that's the way it goes. Henry needs to eat all the time, and treats tempt him, so that's a good thing.

So I get home and suddenly find the Home button on my iPhone is broken. What the heck??? First my computer, and then my cell phone. Good grief!

I guess it's a common problem, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it. I just checked my blog, and I got it activated on January 31 of this year. That means it should still be on warranty. It appears to be something that can be fixed, rather than needing the phone replaced, thankfully! I wonder if I have to leave it off or what?

I stuck the oil again today. Gosh, was it cold out there when I was doing it! Actually, it was cold all day -- when I went shopping and when I was raking leaves and feeding the crows. But it was starting to get dark when I stuck the oil, so it was even colder by then.

We have just under 100 gallons of oil. I'm anxious to phone and check the prices. We'll need to order fairly soon.

Marilyn actually got home early tonight (for her), by 6:30! We had leftovers for dinner.

The wind did quiet down by late afternoon, only to get worse in the evening/night. We'll still be dealing with high winds tomorrow morning.

I never mentioned that Sue's good friend Dot passed on Saturday. She hadn't been doing well, but it was still a surprise. She was in her 80's, but personally I find that younger all the time!

The Pioneer Methodist Church holiday bazaar is this Friday and Saturday. If I don't work, Sue and I will go on Friday for lunch. Otherwise, Marilyn and I are thinking about going on Saturday. We found out it was this week from cousin Linda, who invited us to attend.

I'm reading a book about Robert LeRoy Ripley, of Ripley's believe It Or Not fame. I'm not sure how many will remember his comics, but I grew up reading them... The book is fascinating, so far.

The ideal situation tomorrow would be to get a snow day, but I'm doubtful...
snow, let it snow

Snow Day!

I just finished up the garbage and recycling (real garbage week). We didn't end up with much in the way of bad weather right here, though there were other locations that were struck pretty hard.

There were so many reports of potentially bad weather that they actually did close Portland Public Schools for the day. Marilyn and I drove out for Starbucks early on, but stayed in after that. I was pretty happy that we got a snow day, even though we got very little snow. Eventually there was some snow, and a little freezing rain and sleet, as well. But not a ton. Right now the walks and sidewalks are dry. There are some small frozen patches on the grass.

And I'd put the roller bins outside earlier today, and right now they have a sheet of ice frozen on top of them. The streets also look icy to me. I didn't actually try walking on them, though. Why risk falling?

They've made it clear that if there's any liquid out there, it's going to freeze during the night. It seemed quite cold to me right now, and I was heavily bundled up with a couple of layers.

Anyway, Marilyn is fighting a cold and felt pretty punk today, poor thing.

Plus the were going to have the All Chairs meeting at 5:00 tonight -- which was a TON of work to set up -- and they had to cancel it. Now they'll need to reschedule.

Last year it was all about my knee. Thankfully it's been fine this year (so far). But my right wrist is giving me fits. I have a constant patch of psoriasis on that wrist (that I'm always trying to hide under bracelets) -- and right now the wrist is misshapen and swollen. Gosh, does it hurt! (sigh) Well, I've said it before and I'll continue to say it: Life is pain. It's always going to be something. So I need to suck it up!

I need to get in and wash my hair soon...

Now we've heard that we'll have high winds again this weekend!!! NO!!!!!!!!! (sigh)

Well, the weather is clearly going to be interesting this winter! And it's not even winter, yet! (grin)