November 10th, 2014

brr, cold

Weather Alert - Sue's Appointment - Appraisal Result!

An interesting day, to say the least!

We didn't get much sleep last night, and had an early start today. Sister Sue is normally EARLY for every appointment she goes to. Seriously, she's one of those people who is at least half an hour early for everything. So Marilyn and I were concerned when we were FAR earlier to arrive at her doctor's office this morning. Sue said the time had changed, but she emailed Marilyn on Friday with the times, so Marilyn wondered when they could have... Anyway, she did finally show up, thank God! I worry about Sue often, and this was another one of those times.

However, I don't need to be worrying about her breathing right now, thankfully! She had amazingly GOOD results today! Yes, her weight was up from water-weight gain -- and she needs to work to get it off. But during her walking test her oxygen rate was 100%, so lung function isn't an issue at this time. In fact, she really needs to be more mobile, and getting more exercise -- which I can relate to! Don't we all. Marilyn was pleased with that information.

After that, we dashed to get gas -- we were low after yesterday's road trip. We used our GPS to find a gas station near the hospital, which was cool.

Then I had two broken nails (both thumbs!), so we went over and I had them fixed. The cost was only $5, I'm happy to say. Both nails had been catching on everything. I apparently did it last week while doing the yard work, or house cleaning (not exactly sure). And it didn't take that long.

Got popcorn from Target, before finally heading home.

We got word about the results of our appraisal today, and we're really DELIGHTED by the number. I did a bunch of research on our house online, and got a variety of results, running from $248,000-$$285,000. But we came out at $300,000 (!!!), which was a total surprise for me! Marilyn says she did a lot of comps in the area, and $300,000 is what a lot of houses are listed for. She doesn't know what they're selling for, but it must be in the low 300's, as appraisals are very much based on comps.

Anyway, after talking with Hamid last Friday, and hearing this number, I do feel good about the work we put in last week to make our house show to the best we could (considering it has no recent upgrades). I was feeling proud of our house tonight, which probaly sounds silly, but is true.

As Marilyn just said: Way to go, House!

Or as Marilyn just added: Now if we can just manage NOT to have a tree fall on it! (I'm praying as I type this.)

We're having a local WEATHER alert this week, starting tonight. The temperature is supposed to suddenly drop tonight, which isn't a huge surprise in November, after all. But we're also expecting HIGH WINDS, with potential power outages (AGAIN!!!), so that's not a happy thing. And they've been bandying about the dread possibility of FREEZING RAIN -- one of the worst weather options I can think of! Back in 2008 (January 8, to be exact), I shared an entry here where we had a terrible experience with freezing rain... That's something I hope never happens again! And when I was reading it back, it reminded me of WHY I hate freezing rain. It's only one of many examples in my life, though...

Marilyn wants me to stay home from work tomorrow, so I will... Not sure what I can do if something does happen, but we'd both be worrying all day if neither one of us was here to keep an eye on things! At least I can report a power outage if we have one!

Yes, we've been watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel -- and loving them. And I was crying, they were just so good! I don't even care that it's so early for Christmas...

And Castle finally married Beckett (Rick and Kate) tonight on "Castle." The show was a bit odd, but ended happily!

June was kind enough to iMessage me and suggest I cover my outdoor spigots! So I ran out and did it right away. The cover was right there at the back of the house, so I was done quickly. But even though I just saw the cover out front, I couldn't find it! So I had to hunt in the garage until I found one. It was easily done, I'm pleased to say -- we're pretty organized in the garage right now.

That's the start of our winterizing for this year, but I guess I need to get to the rest of it this week!

That's all I've got, guys! I hope all is well with all my friends!!!