November 9th, 2014

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Road Trip to Snohomish -- "Revenge"

Marilyn and I took our road trip up to Snohomish, Washington today. In spite of several instances of rainy weather (which included more than one time when we could barely see for the stormy weather), we had a lovely time! We really enjoy taking a road trip.

We were using the instructions Shirley's husband had given Marilyn on the phone, but at the end, we decided to use my cell phone GPS, thankfully! His instructions were off (including what exit we should take), so it was perfect using the GPS to finish getting there. We picked up our jars of goodies, and off we went.

We decided to eat in Snohomish, so used our GPS to find the historic downtown area. Then we walked the area and randomly picked a restaurant. It was really cute, and the food was quite good!

From there we used the GPS to go to a park we wanted to visit in Seattle, before finally heading back home.

A lovely day.

We did think about going to see a movie tonight (Sundays are cheap nights), but we were tired from the long drive. So we stayed home and watched "The Walking Dead," and "Revenge." I won't spoil either one, but just say that I found both shows annoying for more than one reason. "Revenge" had some good moments, anyway.

We could certainly use some sleep, after being up quite late last night, and up early this morning, then in the car for hours and hours. We need to be up early tomorrow, too, to go to sister Sue's doctor appointment. So we should go to bed soon...

Oh! According to Jeff, he went in and discovered none of the toilets at the office are working (!!!). Annoying, to sat the least! Because the City is our landlord, it can take ages for them to ever fix issues. I hope they get to this situation soon, because we've had to deal with it before. You really can't work without having bathrooms to use... (sigh)