October 27th, 2014

autumn cobweb

Quiet 'Marilyn Monday' at Home

Marilyn and I stayed home all day, happy to take it easy and rest. The last several weeks have been hard ones. It's lovely to sleep and relax on the weekends -- and 'Marilyn Mondays' are part of those weekends.

We're looking forward to next weekend quite a bit. Marilyn is taking Thursday and Friday off for Halloween. (She often takes Halloween off.) We're going to go down to our beach house for the first time since July (we were down there for the Fourth). (June and Jim are taking care of our Portland house while we're away.)

That's a five-day weekend, and I think we can use the mini-vacation for sure!

We paid Hector today for a bunch of the recent yard work -- plus gutters -- that he's done. It was a lot of money. Then he told me we still owed him $125. I was pretty upset, as we've been worrying about money recently. But Marilyn and I really trust Hector (and feel he's like family), so we'll keep using him. We did get a lot done. And there's no choice when we're discussing leaves and pine cones and keeping those gutters cleared. We just need to try and balance the cost.

It's always something when you own a home -- and we own two. Maintenance is essential, and it can be expensive. We have things that need to be done, and we're trying to do them a few at a time as we can afford them.

We decided not to celebrate Halloween this year. We don't really get many trick-or-treaters at the beach anyway, and there's a cost in buying candy and Halloween treats. I think this is only the second time in our lives that Marilyn and I haven't celebrated the holiday. But it's a relief to know we won't need to decorate or anything.

Not being at work on that Friday means not needing to come up with costumes. Even when it's just needing small pieces, there's the trouble and cost.

Don't get me wrong. We both love Halloween. And there are many, many times we've had fun -- even a blast -- costuming for Halloween. (For those who may not know, Marilyn and I have done lots of costuming in our lives, not associated with Halloween. Which is neither here nor there.)

Say, on the topic of Halloween, we watched "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken," a favorite spooky comedy movie from 1966, featuring Don Knotts ('Atta boy, Luther!'). They don't play it often, so we bought it on DVD some time back. If you ever get a chance to see it, it's great fun!

We also saw "Houdini" -- the 1953 Tony Curtis movie, another old favorite of ours. Houdini has issues with Halloween, so I suppose that ties it to the holiday.

Recently we watched Village of the Damned," with the amazing George Sanders. I don't recall ever seeing it before, surprisingly.

Well, we didn't go out for our manicures, so that will have to happen on Thursday.

Back to work tomorrow. The next two days will be busy for Marilyn. She has eight meetings tomorrow! That's natural enough when she's taking extra time off.

I need to wash my hair before bed, so I'd better go.