October 20th, 2014

autumn sunshine

Hood River Harvest Fest and "The Equalizer" Movie

Marilyn and I took a ride up the Columbia River Gorge today and went to the Hood River Harvest Fest, which we haven't attended since 2011. (Actually, that's the only time we've attended it.) We had a nice time, but it was honestly way too hot! It's much nicer when you have actual autumn weather, believe it or not. We're still having summery weather.

We got some decorative kale there, and I planted three of them in our front flower bed when we got home. I also used a wire brush to take the moss off the brick of that planter. I was worn out after that (and having been out in the heat for hours). Marilyn and I took a nap, then got up to go to the show.

Sunday night's are discount nights, so it's always a good time to go. We went to see "The Equalizer," which was wonderful!

Then we came home and watched The Walking Dead (no comments for now). Now we're watching Revenge. More about both shows tomorrow!

under the weather

Not Feeling Good

I've got a lower backache and a sore wrist today -- and at one point I was sweating terribly (drenched to the skin), then later I was chilled. Not sure why.

Today was a tough day. I'll share more in a locked entry. I don't plan to make a habit of this, but it's necessary today.

Marilyn and I got Stephen King's "A Good Marriage" On Demand late tonight. We really enjoyed it!