September 26th, 2014


Laundry and Dinner for My Sisters

I did a load of dishes this morning and caught up on my email (work and other emails). And I decided to do some additional laundry, including our bed linens.

I suddenly realized that our Elmer's coupon was going to expire, so I phoned sister Sue and we planned to go eat there today. (She was waiting for a guy to come by and bid on cleaning her gutters. He gave her an AWFUL bid! She has gutters on one side of her small house and one side of her small car port -- he wanted $200 to do them!!! Ridiculous. It's a one-story, small house...)

She got over close to 1:00. We got back around 2:00. Her show (normally on from 11:00 to noon) was delayed until 2:00, so she stayed to watch it before going to pick up Nicole.

While Sue was watching her show, I went down to make up Marilyn's bed. Then I did some more laundy.

Sue went to get Nicole and to take her to her volunteer job. She was coming by after for dinner.

I did some more laundry and other chores, then I decided to lie down and relax and read. I'd promised Marilyn I'd rest today. I must have dozed off, because a ringing phone finally woke me.

Marilyn got home and I started cooking dinner. I heated the oven to bake hot dogs, and put on two fry pans to warm. I got out the frozen peppers I sliced yesterday, and set them to brown, then I sliced up the onions. When the two pans full of peppers were done, I set them aside and cleaned the pans, then grilled the onions. Finally I mixed both, then put them back on the burners to stay warm. The peppers and onions are tasty alone served on buns, or can be used on top of a hot dog. Delicious! But a lot of work to prepare and cook.

We had taped "Jeopardy" and watched it back. Plus some additional TV. Then Sue got a call from Nicole and had to leave.

I'm ready now to read and snooze.