September 19th, 2014

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Big Day: New Toilet! Movie with Adeena!

This was a BIG day at our house!

This morning I (finally!!!) got my new toilet from Crouchley Plumbing -- Terry installed. He's done work for us before and even remembered that last time Henry sat in his lap while he worked!

This evening Marilyn got off work early so we could go to the Regal Cinema in Vancouver (City Center) to see a movie. Adeena surprised us by buying our tickets for us (!!!). Seriously, Marilyn almost always pays when we go to a movie with anyone, so it was really a big surprise!

We saw "Guardians of the Universe" as planned, and all three LOVED it so much! Highly recommended, in case you haven't yet seen it! Plus, it really DOES need to be seen on the big screen.

Cousin Linda dropped by the office to pick up her money. Marilyn had it ready for her (I actually came up with it from my money) inside a bday card (her birthday is tomorrow). She was in lockdown, but got out to attend Comic Con this weekend...

No word at all, so far, from sister Sue. Hope she's having fun.

More details tomorrow about today. I'm so tired I was fast asleep and only woke in time for this quick blog entry...