September 14th, 2014


Delightful -- Exhausting -- Day! (Ren Fest)

Marilyn and I slept in, probably needless to say! We were pretty tired out after yesterday...

Anyway, we did force ourselves up in time for Adeena's arrival at 11:00. We left shortly after that to head to Ren Fest in Hillsboro, which is held at the Washington County Fair Complex (near the airport there). We used to spend a lot of time out there back in the AirShow days (smile).

The event is really well done. This is an entirely for-profit organization that comes in and hires a bunch of local talent to costume and fill in various roles. Then they also use national talent that they move from place to place. There were a ton of different options to observe or interact with, musical, humor-driven and so on -- spaced all over the fair complex! They didn't have a lot of food choices, though, which would probably be the only short-coming of the event.

It was surprising to find out there was no official SCA involvement. Marilyn and I have never been officially involved with SCA, but we've certainly had a TON of friends who have been, over the years!

Of course, because it was a VERY HOT DAY -- and Marilyn and I have been so bothered by the heat this summer -- the fact that there was little or no shade made it quite difficult. Plus it was a LOT of walking from place to place. Once you reached the 'end,' you had to circle all the way around again (!!!), because there was no other way to access the beginning of Ren Fest. That, too, is certainly negative and should be addressed. I was bothered by heat and ready to go away from the Joust to listen to the singing, only to discover I had to walk the entire circular route to get back to that area (!!!). Not a good thing!

Marilyn was serenaded by a Bard who made up his song as he performed it! Very impressive. I wish we'd known he was going to do it, so we could have video taped it! Very cool. Adeena had her photo taken with the rather odd mermaid (grin). We also went to 'Vegetable Justice,' where Adeena was 'insulted' by the man in the pillory -- and had the chance to throw tomatoes at him. (Sort of a cheat, as it was only pieces and the distance was too far!!!)

They had lots of lovely things to purchase, including wonderful costume items. There were a lot of performers and demonstrations. AND we did run into Tiffany (our seasonal from the festival) who was working the event!

The performance of Cast in Bronze was pretty cool -- I think it would be a GREAT addition to CityFair, personally.

Anyway, had the weather been more kind, we might have stayed longer. But it was still a lot of fun!

We came home, then headed to Starbucks to get drinks and play on our devices (Marilyn and Adeena both have iPad Airs). It's funny how we can just sit and all do our own things, but it feels like we're having fun together! (smile) Works for us!

After that, Marilyn and I finally had long, much-needed naps!

We're both behind with our Role Plays and posting of Edits for our fan-related Instagram accounts. There's just so much to do! Our lives are very busy, I have to tell you.

I suppose we need to get manicures tomorrow -- the thing we just haven't gotten done recently. I need to get a full set (painful!!!), as mine are so trashed now. I wonder if this will be what we have for our Auction, which is October 10. Maybe not, but it's not that long away now (!!!).

Didn't talk to Sue either yesterday or today. She leaves on her trip on Tuesday! Maybe we'll take her the cushions tomorrow...

Well, that's my day!