September 13th, 2014

br lavin determination, determination

A Trip to Forks, Washington!

Marilyn and I just got in the house from our trip to Forks, Washington -- happily before 11:00 p.m.! How about that? (At one point we were sure we wouldn't be here until midnight.)

We'll be heading to bed VERY SOON, as we're meeting Adeena in the morning to go to the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro (sometimes just called RenFest). So after a very busy and tiring day today, we've got another one coming up tomorrow!

Today was FUN! We didn't make it to Forks in time for the group photo, so we don't have a clue how many fans showed up. But we DID get to go have birthday cake to celebrate Bella's birthday -- and head out to La Push. It was nice to do a fandom thing, anyway!

The drive there is so lovely! There really aren't words. And we had BEAUTIFUL, sunny weather the entire time.

During our recent trip to Centralia, Washington (mentioned HERE) -- to go to the Olympic Club -- we went past the Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Kalama, Washington -- which you could easily see from the highway. As we were driving past it heading to Forks today, Marilyn told me that Carol had highly recommended it, saying it was one of the top Chinese restaurants in the nation, and had huge portions.

Anyway, coming home, we began to wish we could go there to eat a late dinner (as we were both really hungry). I looked it up on my phone and discovered they stayed open until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday nights, so we began to RACE to get there! It was really kind of funny! We used my phone GPS and got there about 15 to 10:00! And they still served us! Great food, which seemed quite fresh and very hot. I don't know how they did it. Anyway, that's just a little more than half an hour from the house, so we need to go back there again for Chinese one of these days...

The cats are pretty glad to see us, considering we've been gone all day! Guess we'd better give them some loving. (smile)

What an interesting day! I can't believe we actually went to Forks. I had my doubts last night, I'm telling you.