August 1st, 2014


Brunch with Sister Sue -- Work Outside on the Patio

Marilyn and I started our day watching US Open tennis. We've been watching a lot of it, by the way, even though I haven't mentioned it much. (Just so much else to blog about lately. Hahaha.)

Sister Sue came over so she could watch some of the match on our new living room TV. And see our new furniture (the stuff we'd gotten since she was last here) and our new arrangement in the kitchen.

Then Sue and I went to brunch at Elmer's, while Marilyn decided to stay home. (She had a project she was working on.) Sue and I had a nice meal (we always do at Elmer's), even though she didn't like what she picked out to eat. There was plenty of food for both of us, even so! (And I brought the leftovers home to my critters. I saw one of the stray cats -- an old, crippled yellow cat -- eating some of it. June and Jim have a name for him, but I can't remember it right now...)

Sue also took me shopping, and I got flour and some other things I needed.

Later in the day Marilyn and I worked on the brick patio (and slab porch), scrapping off moss -- very thick moss! And Marilyn did a ton of sweeping (she's loved sweeping since she was a little girl). I imagine we'll both be very SORE tomorrow, considering we worked on it for hours! But it was satisfying work. We plan to do more in the morning.

Our neighbor and friend June came over for a visit, too -- and got to see the new things we got since she was last over. We had a lovely visit. Her (poor) PooPurr is doing worse -- I hope she gets better soon!

Tonight we had fried green tomatoes (with zucchini and red tomato slices thrown in) for dinner. Fun!

And we've been RPing at Instagram. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Marilyn's fandom account at Instagram! She's nearly to 3,400 Followers now (!!!) and has some amazing Edits she's posted there. (More than 1,700 Posts in all!)

Hector is coming tomorrow to do more work -- mainly focusing on yard work. I think we need to head to bed!

I had planned to share photos today -- I actually took a bunch for that very purpose. But I'm too damn tired to get them all loaded up here and then coded and so on. So hopefully TOMORROW I'll do that...

We watched some of the original "True Grit" today -- love that movie!!! We never get tired of it! I still remember seeing it (with cousin Linda, by the way!) at a movie house downtown as teens. We had an interesting experience on our way there on the bus, so it's one of those things we'll never forget -- aside from loving the film! Hahaha.


Busy Day! The Dalles and More.

Marilyn and I started our day driving to The Dalles (after a quick stop at McDonald's). At the end of the trip, we actually used the GPS on my phone to find the library. Worked great!

Angel had a great crowd and did a wonderful show. We really enjoyed it. Then we three went to Spooky's pizza parlor, a favorite place. (After Mitch's death, Marilyn, Sue and I went there to 'celebrate' his bday, and honor his passing.)

(I made this YouTube video of Spooky's 'piano lady' years ago, honoring Dorothy Travers, who has since passed away. She was such a cool woman!)

You know, Angel is an incredible talent. He really captivated his audience today! He's the official mascot of the festival, our Clown Prince. And manages our Clown Corps (to name a few of his jobs). And he's quite a clown and performer. Plus he's a great friend!

Angel, Dick and sister Sue are coming over Monday night -- something we've been planning since before we got our new furniture. We're going out to dinner, then back here to our house, so Dick can share a special reading with us. He helped a friend with info for a book he was writing and Dick wants to share some of the book with us.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and I are working on the changes to the living room, wanting to have some of it done before then. We got a wonderful piece of art for over the mantle while shopping tonight. And two small tables that we adore. And we came home and Marilyn put together the table we got at IKEA that we're using as a sideboard -- very retro and cute! We haven't taken photos yet, but I plan to share when we do. Fun to change the look of that room after 20 years!

Well, we're both really tired. The heat in The Dalles (it was 99') was murder for us 'heat wimps' (!!!), and the walking and lifting both yesterday and today have us sore and worn down. Anyway...

It was a good day!