July 21st, 2014


Best Wedding Ever! Congrats to Arthur and William!

First, Marilyn and I went SHOPPING to get clothes to wear for the wedding. We headed to the Lloyd Center, and Macy's. Marilyn wanted to get an outfit she could wear with the hat she bought years ago at our Auction -- which used to belong to Arthur's mother, Mona.

As for me, I wanted to maybe find pants and some dressy shoes.

Marilyn got a fabulous outfit, very retro and so attractive. It was perfect with the hat! And I found some lightweight black knit pants. Then we both got new shoes, on sale!

We got to the venue, Portland's White House only a few minutes later than planned (not really late), and had valet parking (we went earlier today and got our car washed). This place is so lovely! I'd love to see more of it sometime. When Marilyn said the venue was a bed and breakfast, I wasn't picturing anything so grand!

The event was held outside (we're so thankful for the good weather!!!), on a lovely, if somewhat small, patio. There were around 40 of us, so moving around wasn't easy once everyone had arrived, but it didn't matter.

The event began with wine and conversation. Arthur and William looked good, the special aspect of their clothing being new shoes: Arthur's were blue and William's were red. Arthur showed us their rings: These were made from wedding rings from both sets of parents. A locally renowned jeweler melted these down to create their rings. Today was the anniversary of when these two first got together, 33 years ago. The rings sported tally (or hash) marks, equalling 33! So very cool! It was so delightful to see them both fingering their wedding rings over and over again!

Their wedding souvenirs for the guests were small bottles of honey -- they felt it was a meaningful gift in many ways, indicating sweetness and joy. Plus Mona (Arthur's mom) would take a spoonful daily for health. Arthur said even when she was bad off and couldn't keep anything else down, she could always manage this natural, wonderful honey.

After drinks, snacks were served. These included small pulled pork buns that were delicious! As I found out during the festival (where barbecue was served), the new way of serving this is with coleslaw, which becomes your lettuce and sauce replacement. Just perfect.

Next we moved to a larger portion of the patio (around the corner) for the actual wedding ceremony. It was wonderful! William was smiling and Arthur was emotional and the LOVE between them was so clear (as it's always been).

Then we all moved back around the corner for more wine and talk, while they staged the other area for dinner! Next we had a full buffet dinner (with both baked chicken and prime rib, and fabulous sides, like asparagus and baby potatoes). A delicious meal! Finally we had cake. Also wonderful.

I think it's the best wedding I've ever attended. Maybe this is because I've hoped for years that these two could be joined in matrimony. But clearly every detail was just so -- which is Arthur all over!

Marilyn and I felt so honored to be included among those invited, as it was a small, intimate group. I can't even say how many times we hugged and kissed both of these wonderful men!

What a special day!


Low Blood Pressure -- Interesting.

So, sometimes when I've felt off, I've done the obvious 'diabetic thing' -- I've checked my blood sugar. And sometimes it would be normal (or maybe even slightly high), so I'd be stymied.

Tonight I was clearly off, so I go check my blood sugar. It's fine.

But when I went to see Leslie last Friday, my blood pressure was low. We all saw that as a good thing, considering I'm being treated for high blood pressure (I take a pill for it every night before bed).

So I look up the symptoms of low blood pressure:
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Lack of concentration
Blurred vision
Cold, clammy, pale skin
Rapid, shallow breathing

I was nauseous and dizzy, yawning over and over agin and very thirsty. I also had flushing. (It doesn't help that I got slightly sunburned today. I'm not supposed to be in the sun while I'm taking this antibiotic...)

There was no way around the standing or sun exposure today. I was trying to drink water at dinner, but they hadn't provided enough for our table (everyone wanted it). I also drank a bunch of punch, but I probably should have skipped the wine (though I didn't finish the one glass).

Dehydration and sun exposure can cause low blood pressure. Obviously the medication is working to lower it. And my thyroid medication (which was raised last week) can impact it, too. So can standing too long in one place. Finally, infection is another factor. Every one of those things was going on for me today!

I'm forcing liquids right now. But even as I type this I keep yawning so hard that my eyes are watering. Good grief!

Another sign, I think, that the thyroid meds are what I've needed to resolve various health issues. Maybe I'll be able to get off the high blood pressure meds! Who knows?

Anyway, this could explain some recent weirdness. I always jump directly to blood sugar, but now I'll have to re-think it.

Leslie wrote me a prescription for a blood pressure cuff, but insurance wouldn't cover it. Sister Sue and I are going to Costco later this week (she decided not to go to cribbage this week after all). I think I'll look there and price this item.

But it's not like there's anything you can DO when you have this kind of low. With low blood sugar, eating helps. I've looked, but I don't see any kind of fix. But it would be good to chart it, for when I see Leslie next...

And I'm a fainter (always have been), so I just need to be careful while I feel dizzy...