July 12th, 2014

charlie sick, sick in bed

Sick? Yeah, I'm Afraid So...

I got terribly ill early this morning. Throwing up and achy and just miserable. But two things saved my life: Apple cider vinegar (neat, chased by cold water) and Junior Mints (which Marilyn and I consider medicinal). After taking both (several swallows of vinegar and three small Junior mints) I was finally settled enough to go back to bed -- before that I'd had to sit up, which sucks when you're sick and tired...

Don't know if I've got Marilyn's bug, or food poisoning, but either way, it's okay. As soon as I finish this entry I'm going to fix us both some tea and toast, then head back to my comfy chair and some mindless TV. Oh! I felt so sick this morning that I couldn't face having the TV on, which is a sign. We always watch TV when we're sick... (grin)

Marilyn is still dealing with a headache and body pains, poor things. Almost a week later! This is a nasty bug. (And she's run down, of course.)

But we are watching a lot of good (and bad) TV. More about that later.