June 22nd, 2014


Another Day Without Doing Much...

Honestly, I really am going to share photos at some point. I feel awful I've let it go!

Marilyn and I had planned to get manicures today, but there was just no way. We could NOT motivate ourselves to go out at all, so we just stayed home and took it easy.

We've got a big week coming up, so that's just as well, really. I don't know WHEN we'll work the manicures in, but we'll figure it out somehow.

Also needed to go pick up my MEDS!!! (sigh) I'm almost OUT of my thyroid medication...

We need to go shopping at Walmart -- and pick up several things we tend to only get there (like cases of bottled water). We need more CAT FOOD (!!!), one of those things we can't do without!

Well, I'm off to bed. I know I'm forgetting to share things from today. Oh well. It's not like we did all that much!

It's hard to believe I can be tired when I slept much of the day, but it's true!

(Leftovers were wonderful! No cooking and yummy stuff...)