May 28th, 2014

rain our house

Pouring Rain...

It POURED down rain twice today! I know the gutters are fine, but it just makes me crazy and nervous! There was no flooding this time -- and hopefully we're done with that for a long, long time...

The amazing dehumidifier keeps working away, drawing water like magic! I can't help wondering how there can be so much.

Did my News item for the weekend for the festival website (and helped Rich with his Press Release). And did some IT-related things, as well.

Sister Sue and I went out for Mexican food for lunch, which was nice. And I got some food to bring home for dinner for Marilyn and me. And they messed up the order. I was so disappointed and disgusted! I'm hoping Sue and I can go back tomorrow, because I feel they owe me a replacement item, considering there was no enchilada for Marilyn to eat tonight... (sigh)

This afternoon my ears were really bothering me. So I took half a Meclizine and in the late afternoon I was lying around and reading my book. Meclizine works great, but always makes me so drowsy.

I was texting with Mark back and forth at one point. His chemo got pushed back into later in the day, so I just suggested he come by tomorrow, instead. I could tell he wasn't feeling well. Little wonder, as stress makes his medical condition worse (and yesterday was certainly stressful).

I did finish "From Russia With Love." It was surprising to me how little I remembered that book, considering I've read it more than once in my life. But I think the movie plot kept jumping into my head. Hahaha. I did picture a Sean Connery James Bond while reading, that's for sure.

I'm home again tomorrow...

Marilyn and I should have gone to get something to wear for Friday night. But we decided we wouldn't go this year. We have a lot of WORK to do, and that's a better way to spend our time. And when we get done, we'll come home and REST, which we also really need. These parties aren't FUN for us, after all -- they're WORK. So unless we have to be there (we don't), then it's best not to go. Plus we'll save money not needing to buy new clothes (and with all our expenses lately, that's a good thing!).

Oh! We watched "The Monuments Men," which moved me and made me cry. Great cast and interesting storyline -- but a lot more boring that either of us had expected! I'm not sure I'd recommend it to others. (But I'd still like to read the book...) Still, George Clooney was wonderful (it was starring Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett), as was the entire cast.

Good night, all!