May 24th, 2014


Day Two. Busy, Busy.

It's hard to believe it's only day two of the festival! Yesterday was such a long day. I think (???) Marilyn and I got home around midnight, but to be honest I'm not sure.

We did take time to go and get lunch and bring it back to eat it on Friday. (Just thinking about it is crazy, because it seems as if this all happened DAYS ago.) It was thing on top of thing all day long.

The boil order for our water was a significant situation. I don't know how clear I made it. Everyone food vendor in the Park was required to use soapy water -- bottled water -- to clean their hands. Washing utensils and dishes required THREE tubs: One of soapy water, one of clean rinse water and finally using an antiseptic rinse. So this wasn't just about serving water for drinking (which is always bottled water anyway). It was about food preparation and cleanup. We had a lot of bottled water on hand, but the entire city was selling out of bottled water in every single store. There was talk of getting a water buffalo -- these are used by the military and transport water to places where it's needed and can't be supplied by other means. (Marilyn brought it up, of course -- and had suggested using the USO people as potential contacts for finding one.) It didn't come to that, because Portland lifted the boil order today, thankfully.

Yesterday was weird, though! Personally, I'm a MAJOR hand-washer. I wash my hands frequently. I didn't even realize how much until I suddenly couldn't do it! We were using antiseptic gel for our hands (ugh). The ice was dumped from our fridge and signs were up NOT to drink the tap water. No problem for me: I never drink tap water. Marilyn and I promised our dad years and years ago to only drink bottled water, and we've pretty much stuck by that (as a rule). There was bagged ice from some 'safe' source (I don't know where, but obviously outside Portland) that we were all using. We never have enough cold beverages this time of year, so we also use a lot of ice... I kept forgetting about washing my hands after using the bathroom, so I'd have to go and apply piles of the gel and then dry my hands like crazy. Disgusting.

The media was all over this. Timing is everything! This happens on our first day of the festival, so we're already front and center. And they needed some way to report effectively about the situation, so we became that way. I didn't ever see any of the news reports on TV, or hear the radio reports, but I heard from others who said Rich did a great job when asked about it. I made sure to mention this to Jeff, who actually commended Rich via email...

Our Opening Ceremony went really well and got a lot of media attention. I personally escorted Mayor Harry there, when he showed up at the office rather than down at CityFair. I also stepped in and wrangled everyone for the photos taken before and during this event -- and to get people focused and smiling for the TV cameras. That's not as easy as it sounds! But people taking photos or getting film always like it when I'm there, because I just order people to do what's needed for the shots. Hahaha. I've been doing this since I stepped in and started it back in our Centennial year (2007), and I've just continued doing it since then. It's interesting how well it works. People actually WANT to be told what to do in these situations...

Saw cousin Linda briefly. She was telling me about her sexual situation with her former boyfriend, so I didn't talk to her for long. I was surrounded by dignitaries, Court members and so on, so this inappropriate topic wasn't working too well for me. (sigh) Besides, I'm always 'grabbed' quite a bit when around large groups of festival-related people, so this kept happening. As Marilyn said later when I mentioned it to her, we are NOT there to socialize with family and friends -- we're WORKING. (And working hard.) So...

My friends Rob and Jeff didn't show, which was disappointing. But they did phone today and even dropped by the office -- so Marilyn and I got to talk to them briefly. (We were just headed home at that point, around 6:00 p.m. today.)

We were on our feet and walking a TON yesterday, from morning until we finally headed home late. And things were intense all day long. We didn't spend much time sitting, so our legs and feet are still suffering today.

I ended up with the people from Spirit Mountain quite a bit (these are VERY IMPORTANT Sponsors for us, and looking after them is always a big deal). It's actually an honor to help take care of them when they're here...

Marilyn and I did our usual stint backstage with the Court and festival reps who were going on stage prior to the fireworks show. The girls are fun to be with.

We both finally got to have a drink during the fireworks (after our work was done). Before that I was sticking to soda and water. I also had some of the food (amazing BBQ!) that was in the chalet, but Marilyn never had anything.

When we got home I made us sandwiches. I barely remember getting ready for bed, I was so tired. Marilyn was soon sound asleep on the sofa...

This morning Marilyn woke me to tell me Sue and Dennis were on the way to the house (!!!) with our dehumidifier. This was around 9:00 a.m. I basically turned over and went back to sleep. Poor Marilyn! She threw herself together, I guess. I wish I'd forced myself to get up and pick up a bit. Right now we just throw things down when we come in late. The house wasn't horrible, but still...

They also brought a bunch of bottled water (!!!) for us and the cats. I like those big jugs for watering the cats, so that's cool. We didn't need regular bottled water (we have quite a bit right now), but it's not like we won't use it, sooner or later. Even though the boil water order was lifted this morning, it's still a good idea not to be drinking tap water, or using it to brush your teeth.

We had peanut butter toast for breakfast after I did get up. And not long after that I fixed us some bacon. I think I've mentioned that we get REALLY HUNGRY this time of year -- and it often seems like everybody on staff is constantly eating. But we work hard, so I guess we burn it up pretty fast...

We went to the office in the early afternoon. Then hiked down to the Park and to the Museum there, to check on the crown. It's on display Saturdays and Sundays (plus Memorial Day), from 2:00 to 4:00. We're very protective of it, of course. Normally it only come out ONE TIME all year long, when the Queen is crowned.

We also hauled pennies back to the office. Our Search for Queen Thelma is being voted on by pennies, put into these giant glass jars, which have to be constantly emptied. Wow, were those pennies HEAVY to carry! Hahaha.

Anyway, we went back and forth to CityFair many times. Poor Marilyn did a bunch of other physical things there, but I stayed in the office working on the Starlight script. I got a good start, but quit when we left the office. I probably should have worked on it here at home tonight, but oh well. I plan to turn it back to Ashley on Monday, so there's plenty of time.

We did go down to CityFair with Christine and got pronto pups to eat. And I bought a bottle of very cold soda to drink. Marilyn and I need to get more CASH, so we have it when needed there. We didn't have much with us today.

Here at home we changed into comfortable clothes and watched "Jeopardy" from yesterday. I could barely keep my eyes open to see Julia (Julia Collins) win again. So after that I went to lie down. I did read a little bit, went to sleep pretty fast.

Well, that's it for now. I'm glad I forced myself to get up and blog!

We have to go get manicures tomorrow morning. We had planned to go today, but we were just too damn tired this morning. Yesterday was a killer. I sure hope we don't let it go tomorrow, because our nails are really grown out -- and it makes it difficult to do things.

Never even had a chance to talk to sister Sue today! Maybe tomorrow. Time is so weird right now! It just flashes by!!!

Goodnight! Sweet dreams, all!