May 23rd, 2014


Opening Day!!!

Quick Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Opening Day of the festival. I'm to the stage where I can now joke about poisoning myself. (Not fully over the effects, but good enough. Hahaha. As I like to say, I survived.)

I'm in hyper-mode (most everybody is) -- it's hard to explain, but a good thing. This is a very long day that doesn't end for most until after the Fireworks show tonight (and for some until much later). And many started this day in the wee hours of the morning (think 3:30-4:00 a.m.), to make the early morning TV and radio shows. So, yeah, it's a long day!

Having another dose (heh) of caffeine as I type this (very fast). Everything we do today seems very fast...

The bad thing? It's raining. (sigh) But it's not heavy rain. I've been down to the Park (CityFair), and out to Starbucks and barely got wet at all. So what the hell. I'd love to see it dry out before late afternoon, but it is what it is.

The reps from the USO were just here! They've been 'away' from Portland for more than 40 years -- so we're very excited to have them back! And for the festival to be working with them! (woo hoo)

Another bad thing? The Portland Water Bureau has issued a boil water advisory for the entire city! I'm nervous because I just put out tap water this morning for the cats -- and Henry should absolutely NOT have tainted water. Marilyn and I will have to get big bottles of water for them (the way we do at the beach). We used to always give them bottled water, but got out of the habit (long story). Anyway, what a mess.

All the local media wants to know how it's impacting the festival (we have a major venue with lots of food), so it's a big deal here today.

Are you a fan of marching bands? Check out THIS. Got an email from Ken (who runs the site) -- and just talked with mutual friend Rob this very morning! Rob and I were discussing the Oregon same-sex marriage initiative -- and I was telling him I want to be there when he and Jeff tie the knot! (I met Rob and Jeff who are locals through Ken years back. I just love all three of them. One of those wonderful benefits of the festival, getting to meet wonderful people who become friends and family.)

Well, gotta dash. Your GOOD THOUGHTS (and prayers) are really welcome today! Marilyn and I are hanging in there.

(Sad to report that sister Sue can NOT find her glasses! So sad...)

This might be it for today. More this weekend. I got the Starlight script this morning, so I'll be starting on it any second. (Actually, probably NOT today -- I'll tackle it this weekend.)

Happy Friday, all!