May 21st, 2014


Busy Day (Again)

Still dealing with the flooding here. This morning we had some odor, so I used our AMAZING anti-mold spray. I can't even tell you how incredible this product is. There's no smell when you spray it on (nothing is worse than trying to cover up an odor with a fragrance) -- seriously, it could be water from that standpoint. But you put this on and at immediately goes to work! In no time at all the odor disappears!

I must have been on my hands and knees with my nose pressed into the carpet dozens of times today (!!!), but there was never the slightest sign of any smell. We've used it before, but I'd forgotten how effective it is! Plus unlike bleach and ammonia products, it's not toxic in the least -- so it's safe for people and pets. (woo hoo) Today I checked out reviews of the product, and tons of people were saying the same thing. But many of them had worse situations than we do -- and it still worked! Just wonderful. We lucked into buying this product, but I'm sure glad we did.

I did have the heater and fans going for hours today, though. There's still a tiny sign of dampness in two small spots (indentations where the bed rested and pressed the carpet down). But even these are almost entirely dry now.

I was supposed to go for coffee to get a break away with sister Sue today, but it didn't happen. Oh well. I'm just glad she'll be able to take me to the vet tomorrow with Henry (and maybe pick up my pills, too).

Marilyn got help with the dehumidifier from Sue today. Sue and Dennis have an Amazon Prime account, so she could order the one we want and we'll get it for no additional shipping fee in 48 hours! How nice of Sue. Marilyn did a bunch of research before selecting one. She spent more than I'd originally thought we would, but she thinks it's best to get one that has good reviews, in spite of the extra $$$. Anyway, I'm feeling very positive about this now. I think we'll soon be able to quit worrying about it -- just in time for the start of the 2014 festival! (Well, it starts Friday -- and we might still be fussing with this over the weekend. But it's all good.)

I was slightly (but only slightly) stressed early on today, trying to reason out my schedule. At that point I had a bunch of News items to do for the website, I was facing starting the Editing of the Starlight script today (with a Friday afternoon deadline!), I was trying to set up Cooler Email (our eBlast service) for a GF Walk eNewsletter and so on. It's difficult to get much done, writing-wise, on Friday, which is Opening Day for us. (There are a bunch of things going on during the day -- including night time activities to attend.) So that was a tad worrisome. But during the day it was decided that we would NOT use Cooler for the eNewsletter -- which I think is very wise! I'm not surprised to hear that Marilyn was the one behind this change...

I'd tried to explain the whole Opt In process to people -- but I think Marilyn was the only one really following me. Yeah, we could set up a brand new List and send out an eNewsletter to that list, but unless people received the Opt In email and clicked the link, it would be like throwing this into a black hole! And having not been able to contact Oliver (I don't know what happened to him), we already are likely to have overage charges for Cooler this year, anyway. Marilyn suggested to the people in her meeting today what I had mentioned to her: Doing an email using HTML and sending it out to the list of people. If this is done with around two hundred people at a time, it should work quite well. And we don't need to do the fancy tracking that you can do with a service -- we just need to get the word out (as registrations are down this year). Yeah, I'd already gone to the trouble to create a List and import the data by the time I found out, but what the hell...

Then when noon came and went and I still hadn't heard about the script, I phoned Ashely. She'd found out that we can send the scripts to print on Tuesday morning, and still have them back in plenty of time for our Tuesday afternoon meeting! So I'll have the weekend to do my Editing, and won't have to sweat it until after Friday. What a break! (Good thing, because it's not ready for me at this point, anyway! Ashley is still working to get the final missing elements...)

But I did work long and hard on the News item that needed to be linked in tomorrow's eNewsletter (the normal one). And Rich and I worked through another News item in the afternoon (yeah, I had two of them today). The first one included several photos, but thankfully I didn't need any for the afternoon item, which was quite long (giving and overview of this coming weekend). We have yet another one for tomorrow, which I've barely started...

I almost forgot that Donn and I did a bunch of IT stuff over the phone today. Such a busy time for me!

This evening when I sat down to my dinner of bread and olives, Marissa called, needing help on the HTML template for the GF Walk eNewsletter. I didn't want to interrupt my meal, and she couldn't wait for 15 minutes, so we put it off for tomorrow morning. But I had her send me the link and the things she needed to change. And then spent around an hour messing with it to 'fix' the problems. I did a large re-write of the template -- and even had to take jpg images and turn them into transparent pngs (which is not all that easy, mind you!). You know what? I'm really pleased with the result (which also displays quite well on a cell phone). It's not perfect -- and I imagine they'll still want tweaks that I can't give them. (I tried some things that just wouldn't work. No, I've no clue why...) I'm always working with templates made by someone else. But at least this forces me to keep my hand in coding! I did manage some nifty re-coding (I guess I'm patting myself on the back!).

Just washed my hair and can't wait to go to bed. I'm tired (surprise).

Marilyn did bring home a TON of amazing food from the meal held for the Court at her house tonight (which is where Marilyn was -- at Court judging -- starting at 4:30). She got home by 9:00, which seemed almost like a holiday, somehow!

I had one hell of a time cleaning out room for all the food in the fridge. I sure hope sister Sue will take some of it home with her tomorrow, because we'll never be able to eat it all!

Yeah, I did other things today, too. Like work on the phone situation with Kris. And chat with Mark (who will drop by tomorrow). And on and on. But I'm too done to add more.

Stick a fork in me! Good night!