May 20th, 2014


Busy Day

Things were crazy from the second I stepped into the office today. Rich, Tiffany and I took Sim (the new intern) to Starbucks first thing (it's a tradition to take new personnel to Starbucks). I love Sim, who is a former festival Princess and smart as can be!

I had to put off starting her training so I could meet with Donn and discuss his scope of work for the day. And I needed to meet immediately with Rich to go over the News item I needed to get done for the website -- and that he needed to prepare as a Press Release (about Mayor Bud Clark being the new Grand Marshal). Then I had to quickly put the item up at the website, so Rich could send it out.

The new goal is for me to get things at the website, for notices to go out to the Board (when appropriate) and then for Rich to send the PR. (Today we didn't send to the Board, which means things went much quicker.)

After that I needed to meet briefly with Tiffany in order to show her how to Remote. She'd forgotten her laptop and I hadn't brought mine (sigh), but happily Donn had his! But while both of our machines already had Google Chrome, Donn had to add it first to his...

After that, I started Sim's training. She's so sharp that this went very smoothly. We started out with her using PRFA09 (an older machine), and later in the day I had Donn replace it with PRFA93 (which he just finished setting up). This is a newer machine, so it should be much faster for her.

I also chatted with our intern Sam about the Starlight Parade script. It's time for me to have that puppy so I can edit it, because it should go to print on Friday! That's not giving me much time...

We've got several news stories that also need to be done in the next few days...

And I spent time with Stephanie and Christie discussing a new hire for the Sales Department (which will not be her cousin, who just got a part time job -- but will probably be a friend of Stephanie's).

In the middle of all this the entire office had our computers go crazy -- and we lost the internet briefly. So I had to deal with that, too.

I was done with all this around noon. Got to chat with Sue B. who was there to discuss projects she's helping with. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers -- her husband Dennis is doing quite well right now. (Sue's the one who is exhausted! Dennis is her third family member to have a health issue recently, so she's really been run ragged...) The first thing I did when I saw her was give her a big hug.

I thought Sue would die when she heard we'd flooded. She was involved in our big flooding back in June of 2011 (what a huge help she was -- and sister Sue, too). She was worried we'd end up with mildew or mold (as all our friends have been). We let her know the process we're using, so I think she feels better about it, now.

By the way, Marilyn and I are also thinking about buying a small dehumidifier, which might help the two small spots that haven't yet dried out.

Marilyn brought me home around 12:30 and had lunch while here (leftovers). Then she headed back to the office and I stayed here with the heater and fans on.

I did end up taking a (much needed) NAP late in the afternoon! Marilyn woke me by phone when she was on her way to pick me up. We had a festival event to attend tonight, The International Youth Silent Film Festival, at the Hollywood Theatre (in Portland's Hollywood district). Tonight was the second of three nights of this festival -- and we always try to go for at least one night each year -- it's a great show!

We got home from that around 9:30 and had dinner (sandwiches) around 10:00 while watching "Jeopardy." Loving this current champion, by the way!

Marilyn is exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open to see "Dancing With The Stars" (the finale). I'm tired and yawning, too -- and off to bed soon.

I had low blood sugar again this morning, by the way. Forgot to mention it before now. Not sure why that's happening, but it's good to have my blood sugar not be high. Still, I could stand not to have a bunch of lows when I'm as busy as I am! (sigh)

I'm staying home tomorrow with the house again. I wish the carpet would finish drying. It's a pain waiting for this to finish up so we can focus on other things. We're both trying hard to be patient, but we have so much work to do that it's not easy.

And it makes getting a decent night's sleep nearly impossible! And we really, really need our rest right now, when we can get it!

In weird things (???), cousin Linda contacted Marilyn via Facebook and asked her for an extra large jacket with a hood. WHAT???!!! We're not a clothing store. And Marilyn wears mediums and large (at the largest), so if she wants an XL, she needs to be asking ME and not bothering Marilyn (who is too busy for this crap). By the way, our sister Sue needs a new jacket -- so if we were going to get one for anyone, we'd get it for HER. But as I explained to cousin Linda, money is pretty tight right now -- especially with the expenses from the flooding. I'm not sure WHY Linda thinks we're made of money, but she just can't seem to understand how hard it can be. She's made a practice her entire life of running out on bills, so I suppose it's hard to relate to people who have to pay their bills. (sigh) I suppose this sounds harsh, but it seems like no matter how much we do for her it's never enough. (And I just got her wristbands -- a lot of them! -- for next Friday...)

Well, I was going to share about the book (I finished it -- and it was amazing), but I'm so done right now that it's got to wait. More tomorrow, I hope...

Thanks, again, for your good wishes! It means a lot to both of us!