April 17th, 2014

chin on hands

This Has Been a Difficult Day (So Far)

Note that today is Holy Thursday (or if you prefer, Maundy Thursday -- which is what I grew up calling it). So, yes, my focus SHOULD be on spiritual matters. I realize that... (sigh)

I was reading some things last night (late) that had me very moved and very much in the proper frame of mind. I have some friends (on and off line) that I'm praying for right now. So it's not like I've totally forgotten Holy Week at the end of Lent.

Still, today I was just... bothered and annoyed. I didn't feel that great (yes, again). I probably did a little more yesterday than I should have, but I was so sick-of-being-sick -- and anxious to get certain things accomplished.

I started off the day working on an old laptop I was originally going to give to Nicole (daughter of my niece and granddaughter of my sister Sue). But Nicole decided she didn't want it. No big deal. She's got her phone and an iPad at school, so I can see why she wouldn't want an old, clunky laptop. It's not glamorous (it's gray and black) or cute. And not new. But before I bought my current laptop that I drag all over (to the beach and to work much of the time -- and often use in the family room downstairs), this was my favorite laptop. And it seems to work pretty well, all things considered. Now I'm going to give it to sister Sue. We gave her an old one previously -- but the battery was shot and it needed to be plugged in all the time to use it. Plus it had trouble 'finding' WiFi, which can be a real pain with older models.

So I'm working away on this laptop (an HP Compaq), and the damn thing gets a blue screen (too fast to read the message). For those who don't know, they also call getting a blue screen on your computer is often called the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) -- and this is meant in exactly the nasty way the term makes you think! While I was working on it, it had three BSoDs. (sigh) I immediately figured it was due to overheating (Donn confirmed that when I chatted with him later). I was pleased overall with this laptop, frankly -- the speed is decent. I like the touch of the keyboard (probably better than my own laptop) and the touch mouse works well (of course I was also using a wireless mouse). But I got so annoyed by several BSoD, that I moved to a different laptop.

The second one is about the same age as the one I just mentioned. It's a bit smaller (easier to carry). One of those all-black puppies, an IBM ThinkPad. Can I get it to find the WiFi? Oh, hell no. I tried and tried! So I call Donn all annoyed (not feeling that great today), and he makes suggestions and I just give up for today. I knew I had sister Sue picking me up soon, so I just decided to skip it.

Then Sue takes me shopping. The place is packed for whatever reason! And when I'm checking out, the woman in front of me collapses, falling into the front of my (metal!!!) shopping cart! Then she goes down and hits the floor. I wasn't really paying attention, because I was putting my groceries on the counter, but when my cart gets shoved hard into me (!!!), I glance that way and sort of see her face strike the cart out of the corner of my eye.

The man in front of her was with her -- a neighbor who takes her shopping. He didn't see it, either, as he was checking out his own stuff. And the checker was looking at him, so she didn't really see it. So I have to hang around and give a statement, because I'm the only real witness (even though I barely saw it!). After that Sue takes me to get something to eat at McDonald's, then I head home.

Meanwhile, we've got IT issues at the office!!! Our phones are up, but the internet is down! I discover this trying to check my email and discovering I'm not connected. And I can't get in any of the ways I have as options. So I phone and Hannah confirms the problem. Then Christine phones me to 'rant' to me about the situation. I'm back and forth with her on the phone, because this is SERIOUS for us this time of year! We can live without phones, but NOT without the internet!!!

Finally I feel so lousy I go to lie down. I'm almost asleep when the phone rings and it's my friend and neighbor June. Her computer is messed up. So I get dressed again and head over there. I spent some time trying to reason it out, but it was BAD. Then I phone Donn, and he and I spend over an hour trying to fix it. No go. All told I was there around 90 minutes before I give up and head home...

Then it's raining, and I really need to do the garbage and recycling. (sigh) So I force myself to power through.

At around 6:00 p.m. I'm on the phone with Christine with the tech from Integra arrive. I tell her to keep me in the loop. Soon I have more contact about the festival's internet. The guy wants to know about IP addresses. I don't know the answer. (Usually I have this information at my finger tips -- but Kris didn't tell me the recent stuff done. And what IP info I do have is in my briefcase that got left behind at the beach house! Typical.) So I suggest they phone Kris. I guess this should have happened HOURS earlier, but both Christine and I thought this was an Integra issue...

Kris has Christine recycle the Sonic firewall -- and we're back up. That simple! After hours of worrying. (Hard for me to help out, when I'm here at home and not in the office!)

I keep plugging away at the garbage and recycling until it's done. Meanwhile I chat at length with Donn about June's computer. I decide to get the ThinkPad ready for her to borrow, figuring she can hard wire it for internet and use it until her own computer comes back from the shop. (Donn and I both figured it needed to go in somewhere for work -- and June had been talking about having Donn do the work.) So I mess around with it, plugging it into our network in the office (which means I have to set up a table to work on it).

The next thing I know, June phones back and tells me her computer is fixed. She's had her service work on it. They had her do a lot of the same things Donn and I did. But they recycle the power on the modem from Comcast and get her CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET (which Donn and I failed to do), so then eventually they can remotely take control and fix things. I'm dying to see her computer to look at what they did! Malwarebytes had VANISHED (!!!) and several things were missing from her systray. We couldn't roll it back (there was no previous set point!!!) and I'm telling you whatever did that was BAD. Really nasty. (June decided that she was paying that service a lot of money, so they could FIX her issue! Good for her.)

I did THANK Donn several times for trying to help. Because he gave up a bunch of time willingly to assist me -- as he's done many, many times over the years! What a great guy.

Marilyn is still at work, and it's nearing 9:30 p.m. now. I guess I should go start dinner, as she'll be starved. My stomach is happily better than it was, so maybe I can eat, too. (It's been a long while since lunch.)

I was on the phone with Marilyn and just laughing, because today was such a PITA (we all know what that means, right?). All you can do is laugh, really.

I need to go to work tomorrow, regardless. So hopefully I'll feel fine in the morning. I'm feeling better right now than earlier today, thankfully.

No photos to share. I wonder what they'd be? Blue Screens of Death? Garbage and recycling roll carts in the rain? The bruises on that poor woman's face???

The Pope dared for the second year in a row to wash the feet of a WOMAN. Quite the break with tradition! And some non-Catholics, including a Muslim. I love this Pope so very much! Plus some of the people had badly deformed feet that he bathed, dried and KISSED. You go, Pope Francis!!!

I will try to end this day thinking of the significance of Holy Thursday. All these little inconveniences are more amusing than anything else. Although that woman's pain was hardly a laughing matter!

By the way, as I was leaving she smiled over at me and I went and took her hand. We had a small but special moment. I also touched the shoulder of her guardian angel neighbor and commended him on his concern.

Too bad I don't have any feet to wash and kiss...