March 27th, 2014


Busy Day. War on Ants Continues...

One of the things I did today? Treated the outside foundation for ants. That tiny container didn't begin to go far enough -- which was annoying! I guess we should have gotten two containers. I mean, I need to block them everywhere, or the damn things will find the untreated area and get in there, I'm sure...

But I fought my way (and I do mean fought!) through the mass of bushes at the front of our house in order to treat there. Our foundation in front is almost entirely covered by thick bushes that haven't been cut back in ages...

I'll get more and get it finished up. But at least it feels like a move in the right direction.

Went over to sister Sue's house today to take an old computer to set up for Candy to use. Her computer (which was far older than the one I took there) had finally gone out -- so she really needed something to replace it. And Sue and Candy can barely make ends meet, so they certainly don't have $$$ for new computers. Sue has had her machine since the late 1990's (when she retired). So she could probably use a 'new' machine herself. If I ever get another one, I'd like to do that... Well, anyway, Candy and Sue can now play their games side-by-side, which is something they enjoy.

I was also trying to put AVG Free Antivirus on Sue's computer (I did put it on Candy's) -- which is what I use for home computers. But it wouldn't work! I keep getting a message that it wouldn't work with her OS (even though Candy had the exact same OS!). Sue was anxious to take me home, so we let it go. (sigh) I suspect she needs her updates to be done, and that's the issue...

I got the cat boxes cleaned and the recycling and composting out. It's garbage night (not 'real' garbage week, though), so I like to get all the garbage out in the can and then put the recycling and composting down for pickup in the morning.

I don't need to cook tonight, because we have leftover from last night. Whenever I fix acorn squash, I also cook two (four servings), knowing we'll have two dinners from them. (smile) They are so good stuffed with various items. I had been thinking about fixing some hominy to go inside (which mixes so well with cottage cheese), now that I think of it!

It's going on 8:00 p.m. and Marilyn has yet to leave the office. It's getting to be her average time to leave work. I wonder how many of the other Staff members would feel if they had to be there until after 7:00 every single night of the week (and then go in on weekends, too)??? Yes, Carol does it all the time, too. And Ashley does it some of the time. But really, nobody else does.

I just realized I've been scratching my arms! I was bare-armed when I went into the bushes, so I guess rubbing against them made me itchy. (sigh) I wonder if a shower would help?

Glad I had a late lunch. I don't know how Marilyn stands going without food for such long periods of time every day! Thankfully she had a package of 'skinny meat' (that thin pressed lunch meat) for her lunch today. Lots of time she barely has a bite, which makes me nuts!

It used to be so cool: Sara would often go out and get something for Marilyn to eat (Marilyn would pay her back, of course). Then she'd even serve it to her on a plate -- and bring her soda in a glass of ice. What a sweetheart! At one point we had a seasonal person that I had doing that for her (before Sara). That was equally nice. It might seem to some people that such tasks are a poor use of time, but you know what? I don't agree. When I worked for Bob years ago, he said to me: "You get paid the same whether you're typing something, answering the phones or fetching coffee -- and coffee is important to me." Doing something that helps keep another person functional at work isn't degrading. (Of course, I'm of the mind that there are no degrading jobs. If something needs to be done, someone will have to do it! Try going to an office that doesn't have adequate janitorial services and tell me how much you like using the bathrooms if they aren't cleaned...)

Oh well. I guess some assistants just see that on their own (nobody ever told Sara to see to it that Marilyn had lunch -- I know that for a fact), and others don't even think about it.

I don't think most of the Staff ever thinks about how hard some people work -- and how they do it without hardly taking even a bathroom break, aside from eating or drinking. Oh well.

Well, it's almost 8:00. I'd love to see Marilyn leave soon. I wonder if she's there in the building all alone? That drives me nuts, as the area is really NOT SAFE at night.

Time to think about calling her (again), I guess...