March 2nd, 2014


Back to Portland

We drove back to Portland today. Poor Marilyn! She was fighting wind and rain most of the way...

We got home before 6:00, then dashed out to pick up prescriptions (after dropping off the cats and luggage). While out, we saw traffic lights doing something odd, then suddenly the lights were OUT! We headed home and found our house dark. We came in to no power. No lights, no heat (the house was cold after being away), no phones (we had our cells, of course, but mine was nearly dead), no internet (!!!) and no TV. We found flashlights so we could navigate the dark house. I was planning to COOK DINNER, but that doesn't happen without power...

We settled down in the family room after calling about the power outage (and finding out there were 2,500+ local places minus power -- that was later 3,500 when we called again for an update). We got something cold to drink (non-alcoholic) and something to nosh (apples and so on). Then I read out loud from "World War Z."

Earlier today we slept in a bit, then got up and watched more "Downton Abbey." Ralph (our amazing beach handyman) came by, and we chatted a bit. He was so proud of the recent work he'd done for us, putting up the pulls and handles in the kitchen (and rightly so). It was nice to see him.

Then Rich came by: It was the first time he had seen our house inside, and fun to give him a tour. He couldn't stay very long, because he was in Seaside for a conference and needed to get back to it. It was nice he had time to visit, even briefly.

We watched another episode of "Downton Abbey" before finally leaving. Marilyn cleaned the house so nicely last time that there was little to do aside from packing up and taking out the garbage.

The power did come back on, thankfully! So I cooked dinner and we watched quite a bit of the Academy Awards show. Now we're back to watching more "Downton Abbey."

We had a lovely weekend at the beach! We need to go more often. There's no reason we can't go Fridays after work and come back on Sundays...

We still need to see "The Walking Dead" (and hopefully "The Talking Dead," too). I'm so wrapped up in "Downton Abbey" at the moment that I really don't care if we watch either one today. Maybe we can just tape them.

I'm sure glad the power came back on!!!