February 22nd, 2014


Long Day at the Office -- And at Court Judging

Marilyn and I were at the office by 7:15 a.m. this morning -- and she went on to Court judging by 7:30. We got home here by 6:30 p.m. tonight -- without a break all day.

And we were both starved!

So we had soup and bacon and tomato sandwiches for dinner -- very yummy. We'd considered going out, but we were both TOO TIRED.

I need to get BACK TO WORK on the Franklin website. And Marilyn needs to wash her hair for tomorrow. She has a One More Time Around Again Marching Band event tomorrow (she's speaking). And we're both meeting with Ginny and Garry about the Franklin website that I'm (still) working on... (sigh)

But we're both FALLING ASLEEP sitting up (!!!), we're so dead tired. So we're taking a break to work in a nap. I guess I'll be up late trying to finish up my work. Maybe I can get some of it done in the morning, if I get up as good as we did today!

Marilyn is exhausted. She's up and down all day during judging. I'm sure her legs are killing her! My eyes are bugging me and I have a killer headache, from staring at code for hours.

But the good news? I got the layout (colors and whatnot) in GREAT shape! Now I need to continue to work on content -- and on finishing up the basics of the remaining pages. It doesn't need to be perfect by tomorrow, but it does need to show the idea of what we're going for!

I'm looking forward to seeing both Ginny and Garry tomorrow for our meeting. I hope they're happy with what I've accomplished.

Talked with Mark for some time today while working. I love that guy -- he's really a good person.

And that's really got to be it for today -- because I need that nap RIGHT NOW!